There are hundreds of ideas for the perfect Christmas tree for you. Everyone has a favorite. Will it be a live pine tree? Could you have an imitation tree, or could you come up with a combination of a live tree with an artistic creation as well.

The choices are there for you to have or create whatever you wish.

Suggestions for using Live Christmas trees and plants

West Australian Christmas Tree

West Australian Christmas Tree

Christmas plants

Christmas Bush

Christmas Orchid

Christmas Bells

Leyland CypressImitation Christmas trees

These look great and are usually fire resistant. You can buy these readymade or make one yourself. Part of the fun of Christmas is creating your own tree. There are many ways to do this. You can cut down a branch of a sturdy tree and paint the branch silver or gold and the leaves as well if you so desire. Now decorate this as you would a normal one.

Card Tree -Using the above branch idea- Pin all your Christmas cards onto the branches spreading them out like leaves on a tree.

Cut out a cardboard tree and paint it green. Pin or glue pictures of Christmas ornaments on it.

Christmas tree made with toffees- Buy a cone and pin columbine toffees to the sides of the tree

Risk of Christmas tree fires

These all look great, although there is a risk of fire with some of these. When you put trees and lights together you have a risk of fire. A Christmas tree can flame into life in less than 5 seconds from the start. The whole room can be on fire in less than a minute. Therefore can you take that risk in your home? Artificial trees are not flammable. Family traditions are important, but how important is your life and that of your family. Is it worth the risk of causing the loss of life of loved one or the loss of your home just to keep up the family tradition?

Douglas FirLessen the risk of fires bottle christmas tree

Keep your natural tree wet, and always turn of any lights before going to bed or when leaving the home for any length of time.

how is this beer bottle Christmas tree, you got to give ten points for creativity

Outside decorations

Things to check:

· Damaged leads may cause electrocution

· Do not overload circuits

· Blow out candles

· Never burn candles when unattended

Whatever type of Christmas tree you choose. Enjoy the festive season. Be happy, healthy and not too Merry.