Rich Chocolate Truffles

Easy to make Christmas gifts

My family have made these truffles as a Christmas treat since I was a little child. I carried on the tradition with my family and now my children make them as part of their own Christmas celebrations. They are rich, chocolatey and delicious and make great gifts.

 Christmas TrufflesCredit: Mary E ParkIngredients

8oz of Dark Chocolate
1oz butter
1 egg yolk
1oz ground almonds
1Tablespoon Dark Rum
Coatings or Toppings




Break up the chocolate and place in a heatproof bowl. Place the bowl over a pan of hot water and heat gently until the chocolate melts. Be careful that the water does not touch the bowl and do not get any water in the chocolate, or over heat it. If you do it will seize up and it may end up lumpy or grainy.

When the chocolate has mostly melted take it off the pan and stir in the butter and mix until it melts. Now add the yolk, if using, then the ground almonds and rum and stir. When well mixed place in the fridge to set. If you have made double quantities, or more , this may take a while. When the mixture is solid enough, it will hold it’s shape when a teaspoonful is rolled into a ball. Prepare your coatings/toppings and take it out of the fridge. Take a teaspoonful at a time and, with clean hands, roll into balls. This is a messy job. You may need to re-chill the mixture if this takes you a long time. If rolling in a coating then do each one straight away before the surface dries, as the act of rolling will have softened the surface and made it sticky. If dipping in chocolate or making into mini puddings then put them back in the fridge to harden and chill.

Once dipped, coated or topped you can put each one into a petit four case and place in a pretty box. These are best made a good few days in advance to allow the flavour to mature. We never refrigerated them but I am sure the recommendations these days would be to do so especially if you use the egg yolk.


The rum can be substituted for a variety of liqueurs, Cointreau, Tia Maria, Crème de Menthe are ones I have used in the past. You can also simply add vanilla essence if you want to avoid the alcohol.


Chocolate – For the darkest truffles (my favourite) use 70% chocolate but 50% is more suitable for the average tastes. I don’t advise using milk, white or cooking chocolate.

Butter – do not use margarine!

Egg Yolk – If you are unhappy about using an uncooked egg yolk or if you plan on giving them to vulnerable people (e.g. the pregnant, young, ill, or elderly) then, to be safe, miss out the yolk and substitute another 1/2oz of butter. If using the yolk then make sure it is as fresh as possible and from a reputable source.

Coatings or Toppings - When completed the truffles can be dipped in chocolate, rolled in grated chocolate/cocoa powder/drinking chocolate/ roasted chopped nuts or chocolate sugar strands, or they can be made to look like Christmas puddings. To do this mix some icing sugar with a little of the left over egg white or water. Put a little of this on top of each truffle and before it sets add small pieces of Glace cherries and Angelica so it looks like a sprig of holly. Another way to get the holly effect is using tiny blobs of coloured icing (see the picture)

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Old fashioned picture chocolate boxes lined with paper doilies are the best but these are hard to come by these days. We now recycle Ferrero Rocher boxes, we keep the inserts in as well and they are perfect.

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