Christmas vacations have both advantages and disadvantages compared to spending Christmas at home. It really depends on the kind of vacation you are planning and your own family circumstances.


Staying With Relatives


Staying with relatives is the lowest cost Christmas vacation option, but one that has its own stresses. The two families have different expectations of the holiday and there will be many compromises necessary. You, as the visitors, will have to go out every day to give both yourselves and your hosts breathing space, otherwise you will all be at each others' throats after three days. On the other hand, it gives you a chance to spend some quality time together, always necessary for a lasting relationship.


Staying in a Hotel


This is the most expensive Christmas vacation option because of the extra wages hotel staff earn for working on the public holidays and because of the high demand.



If you have young children a hotel stay can be stressful because of the strange environment and different routine. Flying to your vacation destination will probably not be possible because of all the equipment you need to take, so you are limited to places you can drive to.



Christmas in a hotel is a vacation that suits couples much better. You are away from the housework and distractions of being at home and spend more high quality time in each other's company. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the time to give each other in the home environment, between non-stop visitors and housework.



The hotel also provides interaction with others if you want it, but it is unforced and you can walk away from social contact when you need to. Most hotels have pools, saunas and gym facilities and there is no need to ever leave the grounds.



If you want a sociable Christmas vacation that gives you quality time together as a couple then this is probably your best option, especially if the location has other attractions for you.


Self-Catering Christmas Vacations


Self-catering is ideal for a family vacation. It gives the family time together without the same pressures that you have at home. The children have the space they need and can have fun exploring. There are still chores to do, but many fewer than at home, so you all have more time to relax.



If you live in the city and can find a Christmas vacation rental in the forest it is a whole different world for everyone. You can explore as a family and do things you would never do at home. It gives each parent the chance to build their relationship with the children, both separately and together. You can introduce your children to fishing or tracking, to bird watching or nature photography.



This is the ideal Christmas vacation for young families because you are still in full control of your routine. If you have teenaged children, Christmas away from home and their friends can make for either a traumatic or a wonderful vacation. Be prepared for tantrums when there is no phone and no way for teenagers to talk to their friends, but if you can get over this and persuade your offspring to take a positive attitude.