When the holidays are near, it's time to think about Christmas window decorations! There's a whole lot of variety when it comes to ways to decorate your home's windows. Here, you'll learn about some of the most fun, along with the price ranges for them at retailers.

Christmas Window Decorations: Holiday Spirit With A View

There's something really special about windows. They give inside views of often beautiful outdoor scenery, and, from the outside they act as welcoming symbols that engage visitors with a home's style before entering.

During the holidays, they act as wonderful canvases by which to bring joy to those both in and out of the home. A few well placed Christmas window decorations add a bit of holiday cheer that can be enjoyed by family, friends, and passers-by alike.

16" Lighted Snowflake Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration
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Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

There are many options available to you when it comes time to decorate your windows. They range from traditional and classic in design to glitzy and fun. They can be big and bold in their look or subdued and stylish. The choice is up to you. To get your imagination going, here's just a few of the more popular types of Christmas window decorations that you'll come across:

winter woodland artificial christmas wreath(119781)

Christmas wreaths

There are few Christmas decorations more versatile than Christmas wreaths. Whether it's a natural wreath or one of the many artificial varieties out there, they look just as good whether as a table centerpiece, as Christmas wall art, or in this case, as a beautiful window decoration. Make sure your wreath is decorated on both sides, so both those inside and out can enjoy their beauty during the holidays.

Good Tidings LED Window Candle with Light SensorLED window candles

One of the more subtle choices, LED candles are no less beautiful. When you place them in multiple windows, they create lovely sparks of light across your home, giving you great curb appeal. It's a very comfy, welcoming look. You can choose LED candles that need electrical sockets for power, or if there's no sockets available near your windows, opt for rechargeable LED candles or battery-powered varieties. The rechargeable kinds can even save you a little money on your bills during the holidays.


Lighted Waving Snowman Christmas Window Silhouette DecorationIlluminated Christmas window silhouettes

One of the more fun ways to decorate your windows for Christmas, these silhouettes can feature many of the most famous icons of the holiday, from snowmen to Santa and well beyond. They really give a nice festive touch to the passer-by. In terms of Christmas wow-factor, these are some of the best window choices.

Impact Innovations Christmas Gel Cling Window Decorations, Winter Fun, 4-Pack AssortmentChristmas gel clings

Gel clings are great ways to temporarily decorate your windows for the holidays without a lot of muss and fuss. They easily stick on your windows, and they are just as easy to peel off. You can save these gel clings year after year. They won't be visible during the night (they aren't illuminated after all), but they're a great daytime decoration, especially for interior windows in your home and sliding glass doors.

Christmas window stickersRoomMates RMK1413SCS Glitter Snowflakes Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Like gel clings and other varieties of wall decals, Christmas window stickers are really easy to use and great for daytime decorations. Though, unlike gel clings, they aren't reusable as they lose their shape and stickiness when you peel them off. Still, these are great for the holidays. There are lots of family friendly Christmas designs and characters to choose from.

Battery Fairy Lights

Fairy lights (or twinkle lights)

Fairy lights aren't just for your Christmas tree. You can use them to decorate your window sills or even to outline each window individually. For bigger jobs, corded fairy lights are in order, but if you need to decorate a window not near a socket, opt for battery-powered fairy lights.

Twinkling & Shimmering Clear Window Curtain Icicle Lights - White Wire

Icicle Christmas lights

Icicle lights are a great way to turn your home into feeling like a winter wonderland. Placing some in your windows adds some real depth to your Christmas decor. There's a few different varieties, from variations on fairy lights to those that look like the real thing.

Christmas Window Decoration Prices

Many holiday window decorations are really inexpensive. You can purchase most of the items above and many more for between $5 and $10, from sets of gel clings to individual LED candles. These are a real cost-effective way to stock up and decorate all the windows in your home.

There are, though, varieties of them all that cost a bit more. Usually these are more ornately designed, of higher material quality, or rechargeable. A good example is Christmas wreaths. They range from $15 to $100 or more, depending on the materials used and the wreath decorations included. In all cases, the higher prices are normally worth it for the design bump alone.

No matter how you choose to decorate, Christmas window decorations are a great way to celebrate the season. They bring joy both to your family and to your neighbors and passers-by. They are a fun way to create that cozy and welcoming atmosphere that you are looking for during the holidays.