It can get very expensive to decorate a house for the holidays.  With Christmas trees, lights, decorations and wreaths, there is nothing worse than dragging it out each season all flattened and dusty.

It usually took a day for someone in the family to head into the abyss of the “under the stairs” darkness and haul out the bags of decorations, lights and tree.  Each year I would say, “We will do this differently next year”, but usually we are all in a hurry to get things put away after the holidays and not with the best of care.  We tend to carefully put it all out with anticipation for the season, and add new things to the collection, but then quickly shove it away when it is all done.

After downsizing and moving to a much smaller place, I had to get a bit ruthless with my decorations and only keep the treasured ones and then invest in decent specialized containers to house them and keep them safe until the next time.

It would also make getting things out each year a more pleasurable experience rather than the dark and dusty experience it had been up until now.  Green garbage bags tended to be our main way of storing everything.  It would look ok going under the stairs, but somehow would end up under the summer picnic cooler and the camping gear.

We would also forget just how many bags there were, and end up going shopping for yet more things we really didn’t need.  Once I figured out how to store my treasured ornaments and then how to store lights so they didn’t get tangled, and then trade in the cardboard box for a proper bag container for the faux tree, I decided my expensive wreaths needed to survive a few more seasons.

Nothing worse than hauling out that gorgeous Christmas wreath you found while shopping last year, only to see it flattened and  dusty from being in a bag with the other assorted decorations.  You may have put it in with the outdoor Santa or the yards of garland and it just got flattened and lost its “luster”. 

So, I decided wreath storage needed a bit more attention this year and I figured out 3 ways to do this that keeps them safe.

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1. Over the Door Hook and Bag

If you have the space somewhere in your storage, like a closet door for example, you can cut a hole in the top of a garbage bag or large plastic bag that will fit nicely over your wreath and keep the wreath on an “over the door hook”, and then simply hang it up.  (Over the door hook simply loops over the door with no drilling)

If you have a few wreaths then each one needs its own hanger and bag.  This works if you have wall space or back of door space.  The idea is that you just don’t want it flattened in with other decorations.  I find they have a way of getting ruined or stuck on Rudolph’s ears or the snowman’s nose!  Each one needs its own bag.

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2. Suit Bag and Portable Clothes Rack

If you love your wreaths and have a few, you could purchase a portable clothes rack on wheels, and either use the garbage bag method of hanging each on this rack or purchase cheap zippered suit bags.  These work quite well, and then you can keep the clothes rack in the basement or other storage area, knowing they will be safe and off the ground. 

Next season simply unzip the bag or pull off the garbage bag and hang them on your door or wall or wherever you want.  They will look as good as new.

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3. Christmas Wreath Storage Containers

You can also purchase specialized containers and boxes that will house your wreaths.  It all depends on the size.  But basically you would need to get one for each of your wreaths.  Then you could hang them up on your portable clothes rack, or a hook on the wall.  But they will be safe and sound in their very own bag or container, and you will get many seasons out of your cherished wreath.

I had a homemade one once that was ruined simply because it got stored on the floor with the other decorations.  It was in a bag, but ended up under some camping gear. 

Having specialized containers for your special decorations not only protects them, but makes it much easier when it comes time to get everything out to decorate.  This way you do not need to spend a day just scouring the basement or under the dreaded stairs looking at a sea of green garbage bags or no name boxes. 

Have everything in its right container, and all together in one spot.  If you have a lot of decorations, you may want to invest in a shelving unit to house all your ornaments, lights and other décor.  But if you want to preserve that beautiful wreath and use it again and again, just make sure it is clean of any debris and then store it properly in its own bag and/or hanging instead of laying on the ground where is will naturally flatten or be flattened!

This will take some of the stress out of that holiday decorating.  So, this year, think about which cherished decorations need protecting for years to come and invest in the right containers, and then choose and area to house them.  Enjoy the season instead of scrambling to purchase new décor only because yours got flattened!

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