European immigration in our country has led to the development of the current set of Christmas Traditions followed now. Along with the well-accepted and practiced tradition of a cheerfully bedecked Christmas tree, other traditions brought by these immigrants include Advent calendars, Christmas greeting cards, gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies. Christmas in the United States in the present day can be seen as focused around family, trek, shopping and decorations. Hand in hand are the Family and travel aspects of Christmas traditions, because it is not uncommon for families to be separated by great distances in the U.S. The financial growth and distribution of cities and the connected suburbs are one cause families are separated as they each look for for their own place in the world.

Christmas and its festivities therefore a wonderful opportunity for a lot of members of the family to gather in celebration and see each other in an intimate setting. The travel and tourism trade gets quite a boost during the Christmas season due to all the families trying to get together. The act of shopping is directly linked to the a lot of families trying to get together, sometimes after a long absence, and has become an important part of the Christmas Holiday tradition. The Christmas season officially begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday and which at this time ranks second in shopping for a single day to the Saturday prior to Christmas. Much of the shopping that is done is to purchase gifts for friends and family. Gifts for family members are typically exchanged after dinner on Christmas day, when everyone gathers in the room with the Christmas tree. Gifts are generally left at the base of the Christmas tree in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

Workplace present exchange, and sometimes trading gifts between friends happens preceding to Christmas day. Besides gift buying, another normal shopping endeavor for the holidays is the decoration associated with the day. Never to be sidelined, the Christmas Tree is frequently the core of any pretty arrangements, but let's not forget the wreaths, garland, and the somewhat new on the scene light up and self inflating lawn decoration. Canadians enjoy Christmas activities that are comparable to those.Our neighbors to the North, enjoy very similar and sometimes the very similar Christmas events and traditions celebrated in the United States The United States is not the only land that gathers immigrants, Canada received it's fair portion back in the 1700's and several of them were from the same places as those who ventured into the States. The geographical nearness of the two countries additionally means they share numerous things, so similarities in Christmas traditions wouldn't be an exception.

One of the largest differences between our Christmas traditions and activities, is the large Eskimo population that inhabits Canada. Canadian Eskimos embrace different festivals and other events during the Christmas season, that remain mostly absent from our own share of American celebrations. . A practice additionally exists in Nova Scotia in which small groups of masked individuals march around about two weeks before Christmas. These masked groups invite notice by creating stir with much bell ringing and engaging in a noisy caper in an aim to get candy, sweets and goodies from onlookers. The area of Jonkonoo in the Caribbean holds similar festivities within it's borders. The activities there consist of masked persons, but they usually are walking upon stilts, raising their stature above the throngs because they can be as tall as some trees. The distinction is that these stilt walkers usually use mild scare tactics to scare kids and others, who are then given the candies to appease them.

In Nova Scotia, onlookers can try to calm the racket and disruptiveness just a a small amount if they can correctly guess the identity of the masked person. A correct guess puts an end to the noise as the mask is removed, exposing the individual. The maskers are usually, perhaps due to the holiday spirit, good sports in their trouble making, and allow the children clues to assist in ending the games, which then still let them to bring candy despite whether the kids were being naughty or not.