Christmas on a food-diet is never going to be easy, even if you are restricting what you eat for health reasons. Most people throw their food-diet out of the window for Christmas week, but if you plan ahead you can stick to a calorie controlled food-diet this Christmas.

#1 Willpower

If your willpower is limited or non-existent then keep no chocolate, peanuts or potato chips in the house, and make it clear to anyone who is likely to call that your house is a chocolate-free zone this Christmas.

#2 Snacks

Keep some tasty low calorie treats in that you can offer visitors, or nibble on yourself.

Instead of potato chips, try vegetable snacks. These are surprisingly tasty, but without the fat.

Instead of peanuts buy in hazelnuts, brazil nuts and walnuts IN THE SHELL. You will eat many fewer if you have to shell the nuts as you eat them.

Instead of pastry treats, make mini-trifles.

#3 Food

Poultry and fish are the essential components of a healthy, low fat meal. Make sure you have plenty of choice in the freezer. Take red meat off the menu, totally. Buy shellfish, smoked fish, salmon, sea trout, white fish, chicken, turkey and game birds like pheasants.

#4 Limit Christmas to Three Days Instead of a Week

Most people abandon the diet completely between Christmas Eve and January 5th. You can afford two or three days of less stringent eating, but twelve days or more makes it very difficult to return to healthy eating after the festive season.

Christmas on a Diet #5 Christmas Meals

Turkey is healthy enough, just throw the skin away. Forget the roast pork and crackling. Fill your plates with carrots, parsips and green vegetables. Forget about anything that tempts you to add butter. Cook thinly-sliced potato on a health grill; the slices are delicious with vinegar.

If you usually serve a starter then think about a filling, but low calorie soup, smoked salmon or shell fish without any mayonnaise-based dressing.

#6 Portion Control

Keep to your normal, healthy portion size and avoid the "a bit extra because it's Christmas" approach.

 #7 Consequences

Remember that there will have to be a payback time for every little treat you allow yourself over Christmas.

 #8 Motivation

Motivate yourself before Christmas starts. Yes, you are on a diet, but realistically, your healthy eating diet is for life, and you will have to accommodate Christmas and birthdays into your healthy lifestyle.

#9 Alcohol

Alcohol represents wasted calories. Limit your extra alcohol consumption to a glass of wine a day. Buy low alcohol or alcohol free drinks that you can have to feel sociable. Keep a good range of low calorie mixers, that you can drink "straight"; nobody will know there is no gin in your diet tonic-water