I own a Pre teen

No, a Pre teen is not a doll, although they seemed to have gained their name around the same time, and have a canny resemblence to the Bratz dolls. 

A Pre teen is a child who is older than a young child and not yet a teenager. You are looking at the children who act like teenagers, but are only aged between 9 and 12 years old. I indeed have one of those. Sassy, annoying, turning into a hormone infused monster.

My oldest daughter is almost ten years old and is wanting and interested in items that I would not have thought about until she was around 13 or 14 years old. She models herself on her very young 22 year old aunty. This includes being lucky enough to pinch all her cast off jewellery, belts, handbags etc.

A Pre Teen is difficult and dangerous to buy for. They want adult products and gifts, and yet you adults still see them as babies, but I tell you now, that at this age Hello Kitty just doesn't cut the mustard and you will just kill their ego and waste your money.

If we are being perfectly honest, unless you own a bank, you probably are NOT going to win, but hey, why should that not be a fun challenge? So here are some suggestions.

Black and Hot Pink skull money box.

Cool Black and Hot Pink skull money box

The funky black and hot pink skull money box will look so cool and teenagerish in their bedroom, but also will encourage them to save. Hot pink always goes, even for the most boy-like  of girls as it is slightly more acceptable than other pinks, espescially along with the black.Inexpensive as a Christmas stocking filler also.

Bedazzle machine

Bedazzler not a vagazzler!!

A Bedazzler is a fun and fabulous present for all ages. Add some bling on your garments or accessories, in your very own designs. What better present for a pre teen than something that teaches them that they can create their own look. Rhinestones are one of the prettiest accessories on a garment. The Bedazzler works a bit like a staple gun. You make sure that once the set has pierced the material, that all prongs on the back have been flattened down by the Bedazzle tool. That is it, simple.

I do not own one of these myself, but have adult friends that do, and they are crazy about them. Be aware, bedazzling stuff becomes an obsession.

Bedazzle your denim

Make your own lip balm

Not many parents want to see their young child plastered in makeup. That is not going to stop your little girl from wanting to grow up and make up is part of that. So, compromise, let them have lip balm, which makes them feel they have a beauty product, but is also looking after their lips. Lip balm lets their lips look glossy with out making them look like they are about to go out on an all night party! The fact that this set actually lets them make their own lip balm is fabulous for parents who like their children to develop their crafts.

Lip balm maker

Something for the boy pre- teens.

Ultra stomp rocket

Boys are a little easier to buy for, as they do not seem to want to grow up as fast as little girls do. Which personally I see as a refreshing change, being the mother of 3 girls and 1 little boy. My advice and experience here comes from having brothers that are 11 and 15 years younger than myself.

The stomp rocket is pure boy fun, it has a launch pad that you stomp on, sending the rocket up to 200 feet in the air.

Stomp rocket

Mind blowing science kit

A science kit that was given the Best educational toy award. The Mind Blowing science kit is so much fun. This kit teaches them about reactions, but explains why they happen also.

If you have hopes for your child to be a science buff, then start them off well with this colourful and exciting science set.

Mind Blowing science kit

You may or may not like any of these suggestions, but the one thing I hope this page has taught you, is that children who are not quite teenagers yet, are not babies, they are Pre teens, just waiting to arrive to teenhood. You have been warned! Have fun and have a great Christmas.

If you do not feel safe enough buying any toys for Pre teens, then you can also buy them some clothes, boots, trainers, hats, or belts, but for myself, buying a pre teen is way more dangerous and complicated than buying any toys.

What you need to remember about Pre teens is, they want to show that they are as grown up  as teenagers, but at heart they just can not resist playing, as long as the playing looks more grown up than baby toys.