Which type of Christmas tree will you have this year? This is a question many people ask themselves all over the world. What with everyone being more conscious of the problems of global warming we all need to try and do our bit.


Thousands of people traditionally wanted or had live Christmas trees, because it was a real tree. So the powers to be went out and cut down thousands of live trees every year. Did you know that many of these were never even used; instead they were thrown on a rubbish heap or rotted away. What a wicked waste of beautiful trees.

Artificial Christmas trees

Now more people are aware of this problem they are buying more artificial trees. And yes they are more expensive to buy, but if they save so many of those live trees from being cut down isn't it worth the extra money? There is also a plus to buying artificially trees. You can fold them away and use them for years to come. If you do not want them to look the same old tree from last year all you have to do is change the type of decorations and no one will know the difference.

Bad points of artificial Christmas trees

If you keep your artificial tree for years then that is great because you are helping to save the environment. But- if you go out and buy an artificial tree each year and keep throwing the old one out then that is doing as much harm or more to the environment by increasing the waste materials at the rubbish dumps.

So I would encourage you to keep your artificial Christmas tree for years and alternate the decorations so that it looks like a different tree each year. And no do not throw all those decorations out each year because that is also adding to the waste.

There is an alternative type of Christmas tree

In my opinion this is the best way to go as you will not be destroying or harming anything. Mind you this is just my personal opinion, so you can be the judge and let me know what you think.

Create your own Christmas Tree

How many times have you seen fallen trees in the bush or by the roadside when you are going for a drive? And no I am not suggesting that you take a great big dead tree home; just one of the branches. Yes, this is how you can make your own unique Christmas tree that no one else will have one the same. Have a good look at the branches and try to visualize it in the position that you would normally put your tree. You do not want a huge branch if you have a small space. Look at the way the small branches are arranged. Make sure they look evenly placed to make the tree look natural.

Things you will need


  • Dead branch of a tree
  • Silver, green paint (or your choice of colors)
  • A bucket or large pot
  • Christmas paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Decorations
  • Konky nuts (nuts from gum trees)

The type of tree you chose can make a difference as to your choice of decorating. I chose a gum tree, but you could choose any tree branch as long as it is solid, and has leaves that you can still use.


When you arrive home with your prize branch or branches depending if you would like a larger one inside the house and have another one under the patio or on the dinner table is up to you. Clean it; whether you need to wash it is entirely up to you but pull of any excess branch pieces and leaves.

If you washed it wait until it is thoroughly dry. Then with the color of paint (spray can) you chose for the branches paint each one. Then paint the leaves and the konky nuts in your choice of colors. I did mine all in silver for my Christmas card tree.

When these are dry, fill your bucket with sand and stand the branch it. Wrap Christmas paper around the base, covering the sand as well as stick in place with the sticky tape.

Now all you have to do is decorate your Christmas in your own unique way. That was not too hard was it?

And best of all you are not harming the environment as you are using a dead part of a tree. You can still put this up in the attic or store in your shed for next year.


Novelty Stubbie bottle Christmas Trees

To make this one you will need heaps of stubbies, although you could make a very small one. For this you need to make a layer of bottles in a circle. To reduce numbers of stubbies, leave the centre empty but put at least two or three rows of bottles in a circle. Place a circle of stiff cardboard or wood over the top, (make sure it is strong enough in the centre to support the weight) now place a smaller circle of stubbies. Put another layer of cardboard or wood then another ring of stubbies. It would look more Christmassy with green bottles, and you can still drape some decorations around it.

Beware: This one needs to be placed in a corner where it would not be knocked or you could be in trouble.


Toffee Christmas tree

This one can be created on a foam cone. You need to start at the bottom and pin the wrapper of each toffee to the base of the cone, work your way around the cone then do the same with another row until you reach the top. These look great when using columbine toffees with the blue and pink shiny wrappers. You can put these as a featured centre piece on your dinner table.

Whatever type of Christmas tree you decide on this year, I hope you think outside the square and create your own unique one that is also global warming friendly. They will all look great when the Christmas gifts are all stacked underneath the tree.

The best part of any Christmas is sharing it with family and children and hanging up the stockings for them

Above all I hope you have a great Christmas and do not forget the people less fortunate than yourself. Or if you have a person living alone or a lonely neighbor remember to spend five minutes and give them a call to wish them a happy Christmas, it will probably make their day.