Chronic Pain

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and we just don't feel right. Our bodies may feel as though they are put together all wrong, joints out of place, muscles stiff or immobile. More to the point we may feel like crap! Whether you are sore from over exertion, or you suffer from chronic pain there is a solution.

Arnica MontannaArnica Montana, (not a masseuse) also known as leopard's bane is an ancient medical treatment, for people suffering from pain. The plant when used topically in a cream has the same effect as Ibuprofen (NSAID's). Since the 1500's, people have used Arnica topically to sooth sore muscles, and relieve pain from bruising.

IV Horse Arnica GellThe thymol in the plant's roots is an excellent vasodilator that works topically to provide an anti-inflammatory effect.. Lineaments and ointments are sold that contain this powerful pain reliever. Professional athletes have been using specially compounded creams that contain Arnica for years. Most notably one brand, IV Horse sells 'Arnica Gell' for horse, and rider.

JurliqueYou can use Arnica to treat, sprains, strains, bruising, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis inflammation, and swelling from fractures. Creams or other preparations using the drug can be used on any area of the body that has pain either infrequently, or chronically. Arnica is not taken orally as it is toxic in high dosesand has a numbing effect on the stomach. Homeopathic oral doses of Arnica are diluted so that they have no detectable amount of the plant in them.

JCS Arnica MontannaThe plant is grown and cultivated by many Native American families for use in poultices and tinctures. You can grow this plant in window boxes or potted plants indoors. Take care that small children and animals do not eat the flowers. Horizon Herbs sells the seeds as does a few other online retailers. This plant does well in elevations above 2000 feet. Higher elevations will yield a richer crop.

You can make your own pain relieving ointment. Use the oil from one dried and ground flower head and mix with five parts vegetable oil. You can make compresses for pain by using three parts oil and ten parts water. Poultices or compresses can be made using the fresh or dried flower buds. You can learn to dry your own herbs here.

Lincolin WH and ArnicaLineaments are most effective when used in one of two ways. First, rub the oil on the joint or muscle. When it has absorbed into the skin and dried apply more oil and begin again. This rubbing heats the skin and improves circulation to the painful area. Second you can apply the lineament on a gauze and place it where you feel pain. Wrap the area in plastic wrap to seal it off and then use a heating pad to warm the skin.

WeledaGood herbal products will often combine several herbs for their healing properties. Most commonly Arnica oil is mixed with eucalyptus oil to provide a nice cooling effect when used. You can find products that contain pure Arnica oil if you don't want the cooling effect of traditional muscle rubs. Weleda sells a massage oil that contains Arnica extract that provides a nice warming effect when used. People who have chronic pain in the hands find this oil to be very soothing.

You can buy Arnica cream from online retail stores. Jurlique, Boiron, Nelson's, and Highland all sell the pain relieving product in a gell or cream. Horseback riders, skiers, football players,and the like have been using this pain reliever and now you can discover the affects for yourself. Whether you choose to cultivate your own pain relieving crop, or purchase some online, you owe it to yourself to try this herb.

You can buy Arnica oil online at Iherb, or Wind River Herbs. As with any herbal remedy you should use caution. Some people can have a strong reaction to herbal medicine. Apply the herbal oil with a cotton ball on a small patch of skin to test for any irritability.

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