The story behind the Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses:

Chronicles Of Riddick Blu Ray
If you’ve seen the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, then you are already familiar with the look of mirrored contact lenses.  When worn, Chronicles Of Riddick contact lenses remove all of the natural colors of your eye and replace it with a mirrored silver reflection that looks very scary, almost extraterrestrial.  Vin Diesel who plays the character of Richard B. Riddick uses the mirrored contact lenses as a special effect after his character receives a “surgical shine job” that allows him to see at night.  A side effect of the surgery however is that his eyes are extremely sensitive to light, and therefore must wear dark welding goggles during the day to protect his eyes.  

What are mirrored contact lenses?

The chronicles of riddick contact lenses aren’t an expensive and elaborate special effect that cost movie producers thousands of dollars.  In fact you can purchase the same type of mirrored contact lenses for less than $20 dollars.  They work by simply covering the color of your iris with a reflective silver mirror material, leaving your pupil uncovered so that you can see normally.  There is no prescription required to purchase mirrored contact lenses, so anybody can have some fun with them.  

Uses for the Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses:

Even if everyone you meet does not get the Chronicles of Riddick reference, mirrored contact lenses are sure to get the attention of anyone you come in contact with.  Unlike traditional colored contact lenses or even other special effects lenses like cat pupils, people can’t help but notice you if you are wearing mirrored lenses.  Although most commonly used as part of a Halloween costume, mirrored contact lenses can be worn for a variety of other reasons.  They are often used on stage for local and national show production, they can be worn year round for any type of themed or costume party, and they also make a great addition to any character in a haunted house.  

Where to buy Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses:

There are a number of online retailers that carry mirrored contact lenses.  When purchasing be sure to compare all features of each product such as the UV protection, price, and the number of days they can be worn if properly cared for.  In general, you can expect special fx contacts to be able to be worn 30 days with proper care, however some extend up to 90 days.  Some of the most reputable chronicles of riddick contact lense sellers include: - Although they cost several hundred dollars, mirrored contact lenses purchased from 9mm are guaranteed to be the highest quality available to consumers. - Can provide you with prescription Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses, but require an extensive eye exam before fulfilling the order.  If you plan on using your leneses regularly in theatre and require contacts to see clearly, this is your best bet. - If you are looking for a cheap addition to your Halloween costume, sites like the allow you to buy contact lenses online in a variety of styles including mirrored lenses.