Chrysanthemums, better known by their shortened name of ‘mums’, are one of these easiest ways to add a punch of fall color to any indoor or outdoor décor. These tips will help you choose mums that will give you brilliant blooming for several weeks after purchasing, plus show you how to plant them for years of chrysanthemum beauty.

Which Pot of Chrysanthemums to Buy

Don’t buy the pot of mums which are in full bloom and displaying their full color unless you need that bloom color immediately, like for a fall wedding or dinner party. Rather chose a pot of mums which has blooms that are just beginning to show a peak of bloom color. The blooms will slowly open over the next few days and provide weeks of blooms.

Place Mums in Sunny Location

When you arrive home with potted mums, place them in a sunny location. They can be left in their original pot and slipped into a larger, more decorative planter or they can be removed from their original pot and planted in a window box or other planter along with variety of fall plants.

If you chose to plant mums directly into the ground, chose a sunny location that will give the mums at least six hours of direct sunlight per day.

Water and Feed Chrysanthemums

Mums need to planted in soil that drains well, (potted on in-ground) and require very little water. Water the plant just as the leaves begin to show signs of going limp. Feed chrysanthemums with a water soluble plant food from early spring until late summer. Stop feeding plant once it is in full bloom and do not feed during the winter.

Over Wintering Mums

Mums can be kept over winter to bloom again for many season with a little extra TLC. If the mums are in a pot, they will have to planted in-ground to survive the winter. After the mum has finished blooming, pinch off all the dead flower heads and plant (if not already planted) outside in a sunny location. Cover with a thick layer of organic mulch, 4-6 inches of hay. Straw or leaves will protect the plants over winter. Come spring when the chrysanthemum comes out of dormancy and begins to put on new growth, pinch the tips of that new growth off twice, once in the spring and again in early summer. This will encourage the plant to grow into a compact mound and delay blooming until fall.