Connecting Church & Home
Credit: Dr. Tim Kimmel

Whether we want to acknowledge the fact, churches and families need each other.  I am not referring to the way a family’s needs access to the free child care offered by the church those few times every week in order for Mom and Dad to easily sit uninterrupted & basically rest.  And, I am not suggesting the need of church leaders review of the financials and then strongly encouraging the congregations to dig deeper when the offering plate is passed. 


There was a time in the not-so-distant past when families understood their parental roles and actively worked to lead, teach, and groom their children’s moral and spiritual development.  Somewhere since that moment of time, family life has changed causing a shift in a church’s responsibility, too. 


Parents seem to now expect the church to provide that positive influence as the faithful workers corral the families’ tykes a couple hours most every week.  The responsibility of the church has grown as parents require and even demand better kids. 


Parents have assigned a great responsibility to those church workers to train up our children.  And in reality, the parents now seem seldom satisfied.  No matter how much a church spends or how much their staff and volunteers try, these co-dependent parents regularly voice their concerns that the church could or should done more. 


What’s supposed to happen? The church is supposed to perform its normal teaching and training in a way that actually complements what is happening at home, not in place of.  Parents are to connect to the hearts of their children in such a way that they prepare the young generation to connect to the heart of God.


Strong churches don’t make strong families. Strong families make strong churches. Again, strong families make strong churches.


So, what do we do now? The best thing churches can do for parents is to equip and encourage them to bring Jesus home. The best thing parents can do for churches is to bring your families to church every week. 


We must connect to the very heart of each family and church leader in such a way to better prepares heart connections with our children.  Whatever we do needs to be a direct extension of God’s love working from our heart.


When God’s truth, love, mercy, and grace are what is happening in the home during the week and then in church on Sunday, our communities will take notice.