Cinco de Mayo Costumes Add a Mexican Flair to Your Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo, which means “May 5th” in Spanish, is a minor holiday in the country of Mexico. It is a celebration an unexpected military victory.

In 1861, Benito Juarez became President of Mexico. The country was in dire financial straits and could not pay its debts to various countries in Europe from whom money was borrowed. Spain, Britain and France sent their respected navies to demand the money owed to them. The French, who were then ruled by Napolean III, were relentless.

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Six thousand French troops were sent to attack Puebla de Los Angeles. Juarez only had 2,000 men to fight the opposing forces, but they won the battle, although greatly outnumbered. On May 5, 1962, the French general withdrew his troops in defeat.

While there are celebrations in Mexico, in the United States, it is taken to an entirely differently level.  People of Mexican heritage are celebrated, and even those who are not Hispanic celebrate this holiday with a fiesta of their own, complete with costumes.

Here are some Cinco de Mayo costume ideas to wear.

Wear a Taco Costume

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One of the foods we associate with Mexico is the taco.  Soft shell or hard shell, vegetarian or beef, you can create your own signature taco or be inventive and make a new one every time you get hungry.

This taco costume for adults will really make you stand a good way! This is a one piece tunic that has an outer shell with red salsa, green lettuce and yellow cheese inside. Wear black like the model above to really make these bright colors stand out.  The sombrero is not included. If your children want to wear this, it is available in sizes just for them.

A Femme Fatale

Smiffy's Women's Tequila Shooter Girl Dress
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Available in different sizes, this dress comes with a white top and bright green bottom with colorful trim. The belt holds shot glasses.

Zorro Costume

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Zorro is a well-know character from both books and film. He was created by Johnston McCully in 1918. A fictitious character whose name means “fox”, he rode around in a mask to disguise is true identity-Don Diego de la Vega. He tries to help the people of Los Angeles who were under Spanish rule and are living under the cruel reign of Captain Monastario.

This Zorro costume is available in two sizes-One Size for most adults and X-Large. Included is the black shirt, which laces up with a criss-cross pattern and a stand up collar. The cape has two metallic buttons across the top, held in place with a goldtone chain. The cape also has golden decorative trim around the neck area and coming down the front.

The pants are comfortable and have boot tops that are attached at the bottom. Of course, the costume would not be complete without the last two accessories…the decorative belt with the signature “Z’ on it and the headpiece which has the eyemask. No one can know who the mysterious Zorro is!

The sword is not included in this set and needs to be purchased separately.

Lupita Lady Costume for Women

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Why let the guys have all of the fun?  This Lupita lady costume for women is stylish and feminine.  Set against the white ankle length dress are three ribbons of bright color in red, blue and yellow. There is a red sash that wraps around the center to add even more color. The off the should style is alluring, yet the full length and loose style of the dress offers both coverage and comfort. The wrap is not included.  This is a one size fits most item.

A Colorful Poncho for Cinco de Mayo

Adult Poncho
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The most simple costume is this bright and colorful poncho. Pair it with the matching sombrero and all eyes will be on you!