Dinner At Cinderella's Castle - Cinderella's Royal Table At Disney World Review

Exclusive to Walt Disney World, Cinderella's Royal Table allows guests the unique opportunity to become a princess for a day and a fairytale dining experience inside the castle at Walt Disney World. Operating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, park visitors are able to meet their favourite Disney Princesses while sitting a beautifully themed dining hall and get to enjoy surprisingly good food, fit for the princess in your group.

Booking Your Prince and Princesses At Cinderella's Royal Table

Being retro-fitted into a castle that was never intended to house a restaurant, seating is extremely limited and therefore it is almost impossible to get a walk up reservation. Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR's) open 180 days before the requested reservation date, with breakfast bookings being known to be fully booked out within several hours of ADR's opening for busy periods around the Christmas and Thanksgiving period. Dinner reservations are far easier to obtain, but it is highly advisable to make your bookings more then 120 days before the date you wish to dine with Cinderella and the other Disney Princesses. ADR's can be made via the Disney Web Site, a dedicated Disney Phone Number or ask your travel agent to make your bookings for you.

Arrival and Greeting With Cinderella

The entrance to Cinderella's Royal Table is at the rear of Cinderella's Castle, on the Fantasyland side of The Magic Kingdom. Due to the extreme popularity of this character greet restaurant, guests are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes before their allocated reservation time. Once registered with the friendly front desk staff, the ladies in the group will be presented with a royal invitation to dine with Cinderella and her princess fans and guided to a small waiting area. From there, groups will be summoned to the ball where they will be asked to present their royal invitation before being personally greeted by Cinderella and pose for photos. Guests will be directed up the stairs to the main dining hall, and even the stairway is immaculately themed, looking like it belongs on the inside of a glamorous European castle, with stained glass windows depicting Cinderella overlooking the park.

The Dining Room In The Castle

Remembering that the Cinderella's Castle was never designed to have a restaurant and kitchen built inside. Disney has done an amazing job themeing the inside of this dining hall, making it feel like guests really are dining inside a magical castle. This illusion continues looking outside through the windows at the castle turrets.

Cinderella Royal Table 1

Seating is a combination of bench seats against walls and banisters with individual seats on the opposite sides of the table. There are a limited amount of window seats, but having a window seat does not add greatly to the experience as the view is only of parts of the castle outside and not through to the Magic Kingdom itself. To maximize the number of royal families that can be served, Disney has skirted the border on how many tables and people they can fit into a relatively small space, but I would describe it as cozy rather then packed and it doesn't feel like you are sitting on top of people at other tables.

The Food

Due to the small kitchen that has been retro-fitted into the castle to service Cinderella's Royal Dinner, the menu selection is limited, especially in comparison to other offering at Disney World in the same price category. Disney is able to charge a significant price premium on this character meal, due to the limited seating and extreme demand and therefore you will be upset if you expect a similar variety and quality of meals as other Disney signature restaurants such as The California Grill or The Yachtsman Steakhouse. Dinner is offered as a course meal, with adults having a choice of 4 appetizers, 6 mains and 3 desserts, with vegetarian options available and kids being catered for with a variety of American style kids meals, similar to what you would find elsewhere in the park. My wife had the Rock Shrimp Cocktail and I had the soup of the day, both of which were surprisingly tasty. For mains, my wife had the pork chop and I had the beef tenderloins and we both enjoyed the chef's trio of desserts to finish our meal off. We weren't expecting great food, but the quality did pleasantly surprise us, being of a good diner quality rather then theme park quality. But, you are paying for a pretty hefty premium for it, and this is really an experience to enjoy meeting the princesses and eating inside the iconic castle as opposed to a fine dining experience and we enjoyed it for what it was. As The Magic Kingdom is a dry park to keep with its family family underpinnings, alcohol is not served in this restaurant, but unlimited refills of soft drinks, juices, milk, water, tea and coffee are provided by the happy and friendly serving staff.

Character Greetings, Princesses and Entertainment

The opportunity to sit and relax over a meal and have the princesses come to you rather then waiting in lines forever is the single best reason to indulge your family at Cinderella's Royal Table. After the formal greeting with Cinderella at the base of the castle, during your meal up to 5 Disney Princesses will be introduced to the royal ball and will then proceed from table to table, talking to all of the royal guests and posing for photographs and signatures. Girls are given a special magic wand and boys a plastic sword to protect the princesses to take home as mementos of their visit (the staff were happy to give my wife and I one each even though we were "way" to old for them. Periodically through the meal, the princesses will gather to play games with the audience, where the boys and girls can use their magic wands and swords to help complete quests and grant wishes to the entire royal realm. The princesses are of the usually high Disney standard, flawlessly interacting with adults and children alike and adding that sense of Disney wonder and magic to the meal.


A meal at Cinderella's Royal Table is an expensive option at The Magic Kingdom, but due to the limited seating capacity, the opportunity to eat in such an iconic venue and meet the Disney Princesses is well worth the price. As 2 adults without children, my wife and I found that dinner was a romantic experience and looking around the room and the beaming eyes of the girls in attendance, dressed up as their favorite princess, this experience would have been one of their life highlights and an event that they will remember for the rest of their lives. And for that alone, it is worth every cent.

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