Cinnamon Pills

An exciting new study originating from UK has made the interesting and positive link to cinnamon and blood sugar, or more interestingly enough, with taking the cheap supplement, cinnamon, and as a result a dramatically reduced middle section.  

Of course there are tons of older studies which suggest that there are benefits of cinnamon particularly with diabetics. But the new UK study noted that the patients who took cinnamon pills lost nearly 500% more fat and more than 300% belly fat.  The other equally mind blowing fact in this study is that none of the patients who lost weight and benefited from the 500% more fat loss, modified their diet as they were supposed to. Yes, eating less was attributed to cinnamon and blood sugar- but it was noted that perhaps this well known spice has properties specifically which lends itself to being an appetite suppressant.

 How is this even possible you ask?

 Well the secret is in cinnamon and its relationship to blood sugar. These British researches actually observed that there was a reduction in blood sugar after taking cinnamon pills. The lower our blood sugar, the less insulin we make. Increased insulin causes us to create more belly fat-because what isn't burned is stored as fat. It’s important to note that cinnamon has also known to cure a metabolic syndrome which links high insulin to bigger belies.

How to do the Cinnamon diet: 

take (4) 500mg. cinnamon pills a day

You can also use the cinnamon from your spice rack. For similar benefits mix it in a protein shake (with soy, skim or almond milk). To maximize your benefits always incorporate with a sensible diet. You should take (one) pill with your breakfast.  (Two) with a sensible lunch and nd (one) for dinner.

Though the study does suggest that due to cinnamon and blood sugar, you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, it’s important to still maintain a sensible diet. Of course it’s never good to have a diet heavy in sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates and why would you want to make your body work harder to metabolize fat and undue what you’ve already done-even given the facts of the study whereby people ate what they wanted and still lost weight?

As the study would suggest cinnamon for diabetics also have similar remarkable benefits. It’s also important to note that a diabetic shouldn’t stop taking medication based on these cinnamon and blood sugar findings or modifying a suggested diet from their doctor.

IMPORTANT HEALTH NOTICE: Since researches are starting to link cinnamon and blood sugar, its advised to never consume more than 1,000 mg. of a cinnamon supplement at one time, this includes this spice from your spice rack as well.