Cinnamon capsules for diabetes is an effective home remedy to lower blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is known to be a sweet tasting spice, but it's also a very powerful spice for health benefits. Cinnamon comes from a evergreen tree that belongs to the Lauraceae family. Cinnamon has a very long history, going back to Moses in the Old Testament, where cinnamon was one of the ingredients used to make holy anointing oil.

Cinnamon contains over 80 nutrients, which is quite high in the mineral manganese. Other noticeable minerals found in cinnamon are fiber, iron, and calcium. Cinnamon capsules for diabetes can be an alternative way to prevent diabetes 2, and help maintain normal blood sugar levels. Cinnamon for diabetes have shown in research to be a powerful spice, in the fight of diabetes type 2

Cinnamon for blood sugar shouldn't be looked as treatment for diabetes alone. Diabetes can be genetic, or health issues like obesity has been linked to increasing the risk of diabetes. When the pancreas fails to make enough insulin, sugar levels start to raise in the body. Insulin is created to help move sugar to the cells. Without insulin allowing sugar to circulate into the cells, it starts to build up in the blood stream. This can lead to death, if there's not enough insulin to lower high sugar levels in the blood.

How cinnamon for diabetes works

Cinnamon for diabetes can play a factor by limiting the rate in which the stomach empties wastes after eating. Cinnamon has been said to help improve the the ability to respond to insulin in the body. According to studies, cinnamon helps to increase the cells ability to use glucose. The nutrients in cinnamon prevent high blood sugar levels, by allowing an increase of insulin to help allow glucose travel through cells in the body. Cinnamon helps to inhibit a enzyme that decreases the use of insulin.

The effect of cinnamon capsules for diabetes has shown to potentially be quite promising in lowering blood sugar levels. A Pakistan study showed that patients had a 20% drop in blood sugar of just 1 gram of cinnamon a day, compared to patients who were taking placebo capsules. Cinnamon has been said to increase GLUT-4, that helps transport glucose from the blood, into the tissue.

Where to buy cinnamon capsules

Cinnamon capsules might be available at your local health store. Using cinnamon in your diet is recommended, as well as using capsules. There's no long-term health risks of using cinnamon capsules when taken with caution. Cinnamon capsules might not be for those with kidney problems, or those who are allergic to cinnamon. I would buy online at places like walgreens, or amazon.

What kind of cinnamon capsules to buy

There are many different forms of cinnamon. The most popular form of cinnamon for diabetes is cinnamomum cassia, the type of cinnamon which is known as "true cinnamon". The cassia is the kind of cinnamon that studies have linked to lowering diabetes. When you decide to buy cinnamon capsules for diabetes, make sure the ingredients contain cinnamomum cassia. Most should, since it's the cinnamon that's commonly used in the United States.

Recommended supplement brand is finest natural, they provide good quality herbal supplements. I personally would buy from a trusted, recognized manufacturing herbal brand. Using cinnamon capsules alone to treat diabetes isn't recommended. Cinnamon has simply been linked in studies to help increase insulin use. Cinnamon hasn't been proven to treat diabetes on its own. Consult with your doctor before using cinnamon capsules. Especially if you have a history of health problems like kidney's, or you're taking any prescribed medications.