Circle lenses have been growing in popularity due to celebrities and musicians, such as Lady Gaga. Many tweens have been trying to copy Lady Gaga’s wide eyed look by using special lenses imported from Asia. They were invented in 2004 and have been extremely popular in Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. They are used to make a person’s eyes appear larger by, not only covering the iris, but also covering the white part of the eye. This makes the iris look huge.

You might think that they are glorified contacts and that there is no harm in wearing them but you would be wrong. Many eye doctors are concerned about them and you must have a prescription to purchase them in the United States. The lenses can be purchased without a prescription online. If you are planning on purchasing these lenses, you should be aware of the dangers and learn how to use the lenses correctly.

Circle Contact Lens

Only buy circles from reputable manufacturers. It can be difficult to know who is reputable when purchasing online. Your best bet is to read reviews and trust your gut. For the countries that manufacture the lenses, there are strict quality control standards and a reputable manufacturer will use these standards to produce a safe product. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and hygiene recommendations. These recommendations are usually found on the box or package that the lenses come in. Always see an optometrist before buying the lenses. The optometrist can determine if circle lenses are the right fit.

The optometrist will explain how to correctly handle and care for circle lenses. Contact lenses are soft and fragile to the touch. It is important to know how to handle them so they are not damaged. The lenses should be submerged in a cleaning solution for six or more hours before wearing. A contact lens cleaning solution can be purchased from the optometrist. Putting dirty lenses in the eyes will cause irritation and may even cause eye infections and, worse, blindness in the eyes. The lenses should only be handled with hands that have been washed with soap and dried completely. Keep finger nails clean and cut them short. Never use sharp objects when handling the lenses.

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Pick up the lenses with the tip of the finger. Lenses can be crushed if they are picked up incorrectly. Put in contact lenses before applying makeup. This will prevent the makeup from getting onto the lenses and into the eyes. Replace the lenses when they have passed the expiration date. The expiration date is found on the back of the box or package. Do not leave circle lenses in the eyes for long periods of time and never sleep while wearing lenses. This will surely cause irritation. Call the optometrist as soon as there is any discomfort or irritation. Waiting to see if the discomfort will go away could cause irreversible eye damage.

When properly used, circle lenses can be a safe alternative to regular contact lenses or glasses. Teens should get their parent’s approval before using them. Anyone looking for a fun and stylish way to update their look should consider getting circle lenses.