Circuit training workouts are sets of resistance and/or cardio excercises done one after the other, with little or no resting period in between sets. Circuit training is a form of conditioning and is used to improve stamina, and strength. Many "boot camp" workouts and Incorporating this type of conditioning routine into your schedule 1-3 times a week should make a noticable improvement to your general health and fitness because there are many great circuit training benefits.

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Combines Cardio and Strength Training

A well balanced workout regimine includes both cardio and resistance training. Circuit training combines both of these elements into one workout. Because of this you can target each of your problem areas or major muscle groups in one session.


Circuit Training for Variety

Circuit training is the best type of excercise for people who love variety. You never have to do the same workout twice because you can easily switch up the types of excercises you do and the types of equipment you use without much thought. You can even opt to do the same excercises but in a different order. You can also alter which excercises you do, the number of reps, and the location of your workout (in your living room or garage, or at the gym or the beach.) The type of variety found with various circuit training excercies is great for preventing workout bordem.


Make Your Own Workout

Once you learn what types of excercises are included in a circuit training workout you can include the excercises appropriate to your fitness level, and available space, time and equipment. If you are at an intermediate fitness level taylor your workout to include both cardio and resitance moves that challenge you without being too easy or too discouraging. People that are short time should opt for fewer reps  per set, and about 3-6 different excercises. If you're excercising at the gym you can include a larger variety of excericses because more equipment will be readily available to you.  The best part about creating your own workout is that you can choose excercises that target your problems areas.


Gateway to More Intensive Training

Because circuit training is a type of fitness conditioning it helps to improve a person's overall fitness level. This improvement can lead to an interest in more intensive types of training like weight training to increase muscle mass or more cardiovascular training for weight loss or heart health.


Short Workouts are Just as Effective

People who complain of not having enough time to workout can usually squeeze in a short but effective 30 minute circuit training program into their hectic schedule.Even circuit training workouts that are as short as 30 minutes (done a few times a week) are effective. Depending on the level of intensity of your workout you can burn up to 10 calories per minute. In just a few weeks you may be able to see and feel a differnce in your overall fitness and apperance.


People of all fitness levels could beneift from incorporating circuit conditioning into their excercise routines.If you are new to circuit training you should find a circuit training workout or circuit training gym and get started right away to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals. Circuit training benefits are far too numerous to name them all.