Circuit training is a combination of weight resistance training and high intensity aerobics. The rapid move from one exercise in the circuit to the next keeps your heart rate high.

This is a very good form of exercise because it’s fast paced which works up a sweat and it also combines two different workouts into one, a perfect induction for beginners to get a feel for their own body.

 The “circuit” in circuit training is going from one exercise to another in a circuit, and repeating. Your heart remains at a high rate even while performing the weight exercises which is better for your heart.

 A good circuit to follow would be to choose 7-10 exercises consisting of weightlifting and cardio and setting yourself a goal with each stage of the circuit.

E.g. an example exercise would be lunges and the goal would be 25 lunges for each leg in the circuit. This is tough but the aim is to move from one exercise to the other relatively quickly to keep your heart rate up.

 Example circuit

 Warm up: 5 minutes exercise bikes

Exercise 1 - Weights: 25 lunges each leg

Exercise 2 – Cardio: 10 minutes jogging on a treadmill

Exercise 3 - Weights: as many push up as you can

Exercise 4 – Cardio: Jumping jacks for 5 minutes

Exercise 1 - Weights: pull down machine, low weight 25 reps

Exercise 2 – Cardio: 10 minutes exercise bike at a quick pace

Exercise 3 - Weights: Biceps curls 25 reps low weight

 Repeat 2- 3 times depending how fit you are. As you get fitter you can add further exercises. After a while you won’t be a beginner anymore and you can look around for inspiration for a different workout routine altogether.

 Try to perform exercises for as many different body parts as you can to incorporate as much muscles into the workout as you can. This ensures you leave nothing out. This includes the cardio, e.g. rowing machines uses back and biceps muscles and the exercise bike uses your leg muscles.

 You can do this 3 times per week to begin with and increase it to as you get more used to it and become more used to training. It takes time for the body to respond to training so don’t feel like you have to go gung-ho at first, ease into it if you like.

 When you progress past the beginner stage feel free as mentioned to search online for intermediate workouts to get yourself to the next stage.