Cardio Weight Training


Circuit weight training is a great way to work all major muscle groups and the heart at the same time. In other words, you are weight training and doing cardio simultaneously. It used to be that these two were separate and many people still do it this way. However, it's better to do both, but it's time consuming, so what's a person to do?

Enter circuit weight training as the solution. At least that's what many people do nowadays. The fitness centers have made it easy by setting up circuit weight training stations, so why not take advantage of it? Alternatively, if you want to create your own then you can. It's not hard, but you should have specific goals in mind.

To design your own circuit weight training routine you need a good knowledge of weight training or have someone design it for you. This way you achieve optimal results and don't waste time. Circuit weight training should move quickly, or you don't get the cardio benefit that you want or need.

The best way to keep moving is to work opposing muscle groups. For example, an opposing muscle group routine would look something like this: Alternate back/chest, alternate triceps/biceps, alternate quads/ham strings and so forth. This way while you are working one major muscle group the other is resting. If you work same muscle groups you cannot move as quickly due to the muscle fatigue.

You can also do this with lower and upper body. Work your chest/quads, back/ ham strings, shoulders/ calves and so forth. Circuit weight training is meant to be an intense workout, so if you're a beginner you may need to build intensity. If it seems hard it is! In time the endurance will come, as long as you don't give up.

This technique is basically super setting, which is what body builders do to build intensity and develop muscle definition. However, circuit weight training is modified, so that you don't have to be a hard core weight lifter to reap the benefits.

Strict form is a must, so if you don't know how to do the exercises properly educate yourself. You can do this by watching Youtube videos of the exercises. This is also a great way to design a circuit weight training program. In addition, add ab exercises between sets to get a rest from the weights.

Finally, always rest muscle groups after working out for 24-48 hours this is their build and develop time. Otherwise, you risk over training. Also, do a warm up and stretches before you begin and stretch to finish up.

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