Antique Circular Sock Knitting Machine

I think My Circular Sock Knitting Machine is so Cool, Because I can make a pair of knitted Socks in 2 hours!

What is a Circular Sock Knitting Machine it is for making seamless hosiery of all kinds. It was designed primarily for home use. This was made of Cast iron and has a Hand Crank, little needles go up and down to knit the Sock. They made these before WW ll and salesman would take these around to the homes and sell them to the housewife's so they could make there family's socks. Plus they would get done so quickly they could sell there extra socks for money.

When the war began these women that bought them were asked to make the soldiers socks for them. Then soon after were asked to donate there sock machines to melt down for the War equipment. Sadly not many of these fantastic Antiques are left.

How Does it Work? Socks are made complete from the top to the toe, without removing it from the machine. When you take your sock off the machine you do have to close up the toe. And then you are done! Fast and simple, I just love this machine!

You can still buy Circular Sock knitting Machines, I bought my first one on eBay. That is not where I would recommend you get them. First I would join a Circular Sock Knitting Machine club, there is one on Yahoo. There is a lady on that forum that has started to produce her own new machines. If you are tempted to buy from eBay make sure that it works and see if there is a picture of a sock on the machine being knitted. That is a good sign that it works.

How Much will it cost? Well I paid around $500.00 for mine about 6 years ago. Now you can pay up to $2000.00 for a new one. Just remember if you get a deal on one it may not be a deal after all if you can't knit on it.