There are a ton of ideas to keep in mind when it comes to dressing up in circus costumes; however, not all of them are necessarily “good ideas”. The first one that most people think of is definitely a clown; however, that is actually the least likely circus costume that people execute! A surprising fact, but an interesting one nonetheless.

The title of this article lists the two most thought of circus costume ideas, a clown and a lion tamer; however, those are only two of the many that you can choose from. This article is geared towards exposing all of the different costumes and outfits that you can dress up in when heading out for Halloween or to a circus themed party!

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Dress Up In A Circus Ringmaster Costume

The ringmaster is basically the main person that has to do with any circus act; this fact makes this costume absolutely perfect for anyone that wants to feel in charge!

The truth of the matter is that most costumes allow you to create a do-it-yourself version for a much cheaper cost; however, this one is simply too complex. The only way that you will be able to create a homemade circus ringmaster costume is if you have sewing skills and can actually create the costume from scratch! Unfortunately, not many people have the desire or skill that is required to accomplish such a task!

And with the majority of the ringmaster costumes selling for under $ it really worth it?

The majority of people seem to think that they would rather pay the $30 or $40 to save the work of designing and sewing their own outfit! You should definitely check out the ringmaster costumes on Amazon if you are one of those people.

Wearing Clown Clothes And Painting Your Face

A homemade clown outfit is really easy to pull off.

All that you have to wear is:

-A pair of baggy jeans

-A pair of white running shoes

-A white dress shirt that has been tucked into the jeans

-A black vest

Alternately, you can check out the clown costumes that are sold on Amazon if you are not a do-it-yourself type of person!

The face makeup, on the other hand, is not as easy!

Many people have trouble painting their faces to look exactly like a clown, and some people even head to professional makeup artists to have it done properly. I am here to make this task much easier! I have come up with a list of directions that will help you to paint someone’s face to look like a clown!

-Get vibrant red face makeup and paint your entire nose with it. The red makeup should not only cover your nose, but also some of the area around it. Basically, you should look like you have a big red circle in the center of your face.

-Use white face makeup to paint the entire remainder of your face. The white makeup should go all over the main area of your face, but should stop at your jawbone. Clown makeup only looks great when the white is vibrant enough to nearly shine in the dark! *The white makeup should not cover your ears*

-Use black face makeup to darken your eyebrows. Paint your eyebrows to be the same shape as the ones that are actually on your face.

Painting your face like a clown will allow you to pull off one of the most well known circus costume ideas! This clown costume can be worn on Halloween or to a dress up party that has a circus theme!

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Wearing A Lion Tamer Costume

What exactly does a lion tamer look like?

Well, the answer to that is the best way to execute this circus costume idea...he basically looks like he just came back from going on a safari!

A good rule of thumb is to imagine someone being dressed up in a Steve Irwin costume; that is basically how you should look. Throw on a khaki safari vest and some beige pants, and the basics of the lion tamer costume will be complete! The only things that you will have left are the basic accessories!

The two main accessories that will really make you look like a lion tamer are a whip and a stool for the lion to stand on. Without these two accessories you will basically look like someone that is hiking through a jungle, not someone that is controlling a lion in a circus!

These are only a handful of the circus costume ideas that you can use. These costumes are best worn on Halloween and to dress up parties that have a circus theme! Be sure to use these tips, whether you’re dressing up as a ringmaster, clown, or lion tamer, and you’ll surely impress everyone that is near you with your circus-like attire!