Cities Of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur (KL)

This is where I was born and raised, the capital city of Malaysia. The city has a come a long way from its beginnings as a tin mining town back in the late 18th century and now a bustling modern metropolitan city with colorful activities both day and night. If you have chosen to make Kuala Lumpur your main holiday destination, you can expect a busy city life, it's not Vegas though. But don't be disappointed because it's a unique city where you find mixed cultures coexisting peacefully (little Malaysian Vegas is a about 45 minutes drive to Genting Highlands casinos & theme park), shopping here will definitely be exciting, because you can buy almost anything you want, its crazy cheap especially in Petaling Street (china town shopping haven in KL) and Masjid India (Little India of KL). That's where I'd be heading if I were you, true confessions coming from a shopaholic. Let me know if you are planning to head this way for a vacation, I'll take you there myself.

Most KL city dwellers live a modern life, can speak very well in English and generally are peaceful people, in my opinion. I try to be as peaceful as I can, with the exception of staying up partying most nights, which I can't give up or reduce…just yet.

If you're a big eater, then you can eat your heart out in KL, Hotels in KL have most of the local food available in their menus, if you like eating in. But if you want to experience eating local food perched on a wooden chair under a tree, enjoying fresh air AND pay half the cost, then you can definitely do that too. (the tree is of course just a few blocks from the hotel in the city, not so much of fresh air there I reckon).

It's not difficult moving in and around KL, day or night. You can choose to take a cab if you are rushing; peak traffic hours are from 8am to about 10am and 5pm to about 7pm. Or you can opt to taking the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and get better view of the city; LRT services are available till 11pm. If you are staying in the heart of KL, near the golden triangle area of Bukit Bintang, then everything from shopping, local food restaurants and hawker stalls, pubs, discos, movies, churches, mosques, temples and banks are within a miles' radius.

Tourists definitely would want to experience true local lifestyle and cultures whenever they decide to visit a far eastern country. KL is definitely a modern city in and out but carries with her the locals' strong attachment to tradition. Anyway, nature is just a stones' throw away from KL. You can wine and dine all you want and stay out late at night without having to worry too much about safety and can still end up hiking in the jungle in half an hours' time.

You can't finish exploring the whole of KL in one day, there's just so much to see, you can 'pub hop' all over town in one night though, I've done it…

You can also experience how the native Malaysians (Orang Asli) live by taking about a half hour ride from Bukit Bintang to Gombak where their settlements are. They have regular local tourism related activities to showcase their talents in arts and crafts and you can take home a trinket or five. They don't live in tree houses as many may think, they still retain their wooden huts deep in the reserved forests just outside KL but many have been relocated to these settlements during eco tourism efforts by the government. Tourists can go for a hike in the forest not far from the city, where beautiful natural waterfalls gush. Hulu Langat is another place you can go to, 45 minutes from the city by car, to experience jungle living and taste local fresh water fish delights from village food stalls. Spend a couple of nights there and you might be lucky enough to catch glimpses of wild animals, or just hear them from a distance. There are many protected wildlife still roaming in the jungles outside KL.

Definitely there are many places in Malaysia that are more focused in one attraction than the other. If you want to see the worlds' oldest tropical rainforest and its exotic wildlife then Pahang on the east coast is where you should be heading to. Or go snorkeling in Terengganu's ocean, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia to see the worlds' largest coral reef.