You may, or may not, be aware that Citizen is the largest watchmaker in the world - measured according to the number of timepieces sold. They offer a range of stylish, but value for money, watches to consumers.

The mainstay of their range is the Citizen Eco-Drive collection, and this has many different styles for you to choose from. You would never guess it to look at them, but all of the watches in the Eco-Drive range are solar powered. They have a solar panel behind the watch face (it's invisible, you would never know that it was there) and this is used to charge up a small lithium-ion battery.

It charges when the watch face is exposed to either sunlight, artificial light or daylight (even if it's overcast). The upshot is that you will never have to change a battery in your Citizen watch - or, more likely, that you will never have to visit a jewelry store and pay for someone else to change the battery for you.

Obviously, that's very convenient - and economical. It's also environmentally friendly. According to Citizen, as a result of their solar powered watch technology, an estimated 40 million fewer batteries have been disposed of in landfill sites and rubbish tips worldwide. That's quite an impressive figure.

Citizen have an extensive, and impressive, range of different styles to choose from. They start from well below $ 100 and go up in price if you have the notion. They have styles for both men and women and, at the risk of stating the obvious, are a very popular choice with consumers everywhere.

Top of the range is the "perpetual, radio controlled watches" which detect radio signals from atomic clocks and self adjust. Wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that your watch will be reading the correct time.

And it's not just if you're traveling from one time zone to another that you will benefit. When daylight saving time is in place, your radio controlled watch will adjust itself to compensate automatically.

That's a useful facility to have - especially if, like my brother, you forget every year. It usually takes him about a week to adjust (to be fair, he's not the only one that makes this mistake).

The short video below will give you an idea of how the eco-drive system works. It also showcases a few of the different styles of wristwatch available in the range.


The Citizen Eco-Drive System

Citizen Eco-Drive Sports Watch

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