Citizen Eco Watch collection works on light powered technology. The brand has made its position in the industry since many decades. Keeping up to the demand, it introduced the eco-drive watches in the year 1995. The technology used in this collection is a pure genius and worth appreciation.

The timepieces of this collection, works on a titanium lithium-ion battery; which get charged through natural or artificial luminosity. Since the battery is of lithium-ion, continuous c(102716)harging and discharging will not cause any problems. A battery when fully charged works for 30 days to 8 years of lifetime. The genius plays its role when the citizen eco watch is placed in the dark for longer hours. Hibernate mode is automatically started and the hands stop ticking but the timepiece still works. Thereafter, as the watch is brought to adequate light source, the battery recharges and its hands start working.

In brief, there is no need to replace the battery of these technology packed citizen eco watch. Moreover, the collection is available in an extensive variety of style and colors. This collection will help you make your own style statement. Citizen eco watch assures that the lubricants used for the movements of this collection remain smooth for longer period of time; since the lubricant does not coagulate even after 20 years.

The Citizen eco watches are mainly loaded with a secondary cell that is made of special titanium lithium- ion. When the luminosity travels through top crystal and face, it gets to solar cell. With exposure to luminosity and little care, this watch can be passed on to your next generation; and even they can use it for years. Unlike other ordinary batteries, the battery of citizen eco watch does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to environment.

The rechargeable batteries installed in this collection of citizen watches are well-focused unit. The battery has a life span of up to 40 years. The charging decreases over a period of time, however even after completion of 20 years, the batteries of this collection retain 80% of its actual capacity.

By ‘eradicating’ batteries from environment, it makes Citizen Eco watches a socially responsible collection. By using Citizen Eco watches one can contribute to environmental sustainability.

They are very light in weight, some of the models weighing mere 28 grams. They look perfect on just anyone, because if it's simple but classy and sophisticated look. It makes a style statement for everyone who owns it and wears it.