The nicest places to live in Cardiff

If you’re thinking of moving to Cardiff and what to know the nicest places to live and what’s on offer once you’re there then help is on hand as take a look at the best Cardiff has to offer. As the capital of Wales and one of the most important commercial cities in the UK Cardiff remains an attractive city to live and work in. It has an impressive culture with a mix of English and traditional Welsh culture as well as a vibrant and energetic nightlife and access to some of the most beautiful of Welsh countryside. With that in mind we turn to where to live in this brilliant city and what you can do once you’re there.

Where to live in Cardiff

Cardiff is a generally pleasant city with plenty of lovely areas and few areas to absolutely avoid. The city centre and the Riverside areas offer some of the best flats and attract a huge amount of students and young professionals. The flat blocks range from grotty and cheap to luxurious and sprawling and the areas take you to the heart of Cardiff city life. Prices aren’t too expensive for a city centre and there are a good range of options. Outside of the centre there are plenty of great options. In terms of luxury living Pontcanna and Cardiff Bay offer some of the nicest houses to rent in Cardiff with the latter offering beautiful views and plenty of luxury flats while the former offers beautiful houses and lots of upmarket living from chic shops to coffee shops. For something more affordable but still beautiful Roath and Victoria Park are two of the nicest areas to live. Roath is the largest area of Cardiff and covers a variety of different lifestyles with some worse areas. However, Roath is generally pleasant and there is nowhere you wouldn’t want to live and plenty of nice accommodation within a stone’s throw of great pubs, restaurants and the city centre. Victoria Park is a great family area thanks to the large Victoria Park itself. There are some lovely terraced houses and the park is pleasant and large – perfect if your garden is a little small!

What’s on offer in Cardiff?

Cardiff has a huge amount to offer and remains one of the most culturally exciting cities in the country. The nightlife and entertainment on offer is incredible with plenty of live events, lively clubs and pubs and great restaurants. The city is fantastic for a night out but it’s also got a great community feel and a lot going on. There are numerous festivals throughout the year but the community spirit throughout the city is incredible with plenty of groups to join and ad hoc meetings throughout the week. As a city Cardiff has a rich and important history and the castle and architecture of the city are great to explore and to sink yourself into. Beyond the city itself you have the river Severn to explore and the beautiful south coast of Wales and the valleys. It’s a great part of the world to live in and Cardiff has some of the nicest places to live in the country.