The nicest places to live in Glasgow

As a city Glasgow is one of the most overlooked in the north but it remains one of the nicest cities to live in and has a distinct and unique culture that is infinitely appealing. If you’re looking for great pubs, an interesting culture, a warm welcoming atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for work and leisure then Glasgow should be a great place for you to live! With that in mind we decided to take a look at where to live in Glasgow and what is on offer there!

Where to live

Generally speaking Glasgow is a nice place to live but the East End has a slightly well-deserved reputation as being the least pleasant area to live. It’s a slightly deprived area with patches of nicety but generally not the best place to live. The nicest area is undoubtedly the West End which attracts a great mix of people and isn’t too overly priced. The areas of Hyndland, Kelvinside and Hillhead are amongst the nicest parts of the West End to live in while the areas around Victoria and Kelvingrove parks give you access to some great green spaces and still have proximity to the centre and the river areas. The Southside is also a nice area to live in generally with the area around the river offering some of the nicest spots and nicest flats to rent Glasgow can offer. If you want peace and quiet then the further out you head of the city centre the better. Glasgow has one of the world’s best public transportation systems which means commuting and travel is easy from almost anywhere within the greater Glasgow area.

What to do

Glasgow is one of the most surprising of the northern cities and few visitors make their way here thanks to the iconic image of Edinburgh and its attractions. However, Glasgow has a huge amount happening and on offer. The nightlife is absolutely incredible with miles and miles of pubs, bars and clubs throughout the city centre. The nightlife is boisterous and varied with plenty of quieter pubs for those who prefer a more relaxed night out. In terms of arts and culture the city is an eclectic mix of tastes and styles; there are some great live performance venues and some great museums and art galleries to explore. The art scene rivals and in many ways exceeds Edinburgh’s but there is also a huge amount on offer in terms of history from the people’s palace to the stately home of Pollock and the cathedral and necropolis. Glasgow is a fantastic city to wander around aimlessly with beautiful architecture and some gorgeous green spaces. Beyond these attractions being so close to Scotland’s natural beauty and the northern counties gives you a huge amount of options for things to do and see. From the highlands and the islands to Hadrian’s wall and the lake district Glasgow puts you at the centre of some of the most incredible countryside the UK has to offer.