The nicest places to live in London

As our nation’s capital you’d expect London to be a popular place to live and you would also expect there to be plenty on offer in terms of things to do and things to see. However, few people not intimately familiar with the city know much of what’s on offer beyond the tourist hot spots and perhaps the shopping. If you’re planning a move to London then we’ve put together a quick guide to living in the city and the huge amount that’s on offer throughout the city.

Living in London

The first thing anyone needs to consider about living in London is the cost! Living in London is, on average, around 10% more expensive than living elsewhere in the country! Houses and flats to rent in London, at least within the centre, will cost at least £1000 a month and often a lot more! So if you’re planning a move you need to be dead certain you’ll still have some money leftover! A good idea is to avoid the central London locations and head to some of the less salubrious areas of greater London; or consider sharing accommodation with a large group of people. This way you can keep costs to a minimum and still have plenty of money to enjoy this incredible city. Of course if you really want luxury living then you’ll want to look at the Riverside areas, Mayfair, Hyde Park and Kensington but you’ll need a lot of money! If budget is a bit more of an issue but you still want to be relatively central look to Brixton and similar areas which are slightly dodgy but tend to attract lower house prices. Greater London offers more reasonable prices and few areas are more than a 30 minute bus or train ride from the heart of the city.

What’s on offer in London

Well apart from more of the country’s jobs than anywhere else London still has a well-deserved reputation as a culturally magnificent city and as a capital that really can offer everything for everyone. The theatre districts, the art museums, the history museums and the world famous monuments are all a big draw to the capital and you will undoubtedly spend your first six months exploring them at length. However, this isn’t all the capital has to offer by a long stretch. The shopping is world class from the prestigious Oxford street and Kensington to the markets at Camden or Portobello road. The nightlife is also amongst the best in the country with big well known clubs alongside a plethora of lesser known alternative clubs and venues. There’s also plenty of live stadium music and shows to keep you entertained. However, London also has incredible free entertainment from national pride themed days to small community based events – everything from the London marathon to Notting Hill carnival and a whole lot more. There really is  a huge amount on offer and if you can afford to live here you’ll never be short of free entertainment or things to do.