The nicest places to live in Southampton

Southampton is, of course, a major UK port and one of the most industrial and important cities in the country still. It’s a fairly bustling city but attracts lots of people for work and to enjoy the beautiful south coast and surrounding area. Like any city it has its nice and bad parts but it’s generally a ple3asant enough place to live and there’s plenty on offer for anyone wanting to live there. With that in mind we take a quick look at where to live in Southampton and what’s on offer in Southampton.

Where to live in Southampton

Southampton has some areas that are less pleasant but is generally nice enough and has plenty of very nice areas. Hillworth is considered the nicest area and it is certainly the most luxurious with certain houses hitting and exceeding the 1 million mark. In terms of luxury living this is probably the best area to live in but it is definitely not to everyone’s taste. Nearby Bassett is equally nice but slightly cheaper! It’s only a couple of miles from the centre but still slightly expensive despite the attraction of students to the area. The marina and its environs remains one of the most popular areas as it has plenty of modern build apartment complexes and some luxurious flats. The views of the marina are stunning and it’s a great place for bars and restaurants; though it can be slightly noisy around the weekends. The London Road area offers some of the nicest pubs and night life while the areas sandwiched between the university buildings tend to be safe and offer a good range of accommodation. Flats to rent in Southampton are at their nicest close to the water but if you want something quieter then consider heading further out of the city. West takes you towards the New Forest with its cottages and quiet villages. Public transport isn’t spectacular but it’s fairly easy to drive into the city for work and leisure.

What to do in Southampton

As a city Southampton has an odd mixture of offerings. In terms of nightlife things aren’t particularly exciting but there are some spectacular pubs and there are plenty of so so clubs to explore. The restaurants are great and serve some of the best seafood in the country amongst the usual fare. In terms of history and culture the city has a lot on offer with some stunning architecture and interesting buildings. The waterfront and marina make a great place to stroll and enjoy the city at its finest and there are plenty of green spaces and activities on offer. However, the real delight of the city is its access to some of the most beautiful countryside and spectacular scenery in the south of the country. The New Forest is simply stunning and is the perfect place to walk and explore at any time of the year. The south coast is equally stunning with beautiful views and gorgeous beaches and cliffs. When you add this to everything Southampton can offer as well it’s a very nice part of the world to live in!