The nicest places to live in Swansea

Swansea may not be on everyone’s list of beautiful British cities but it has a lot to offer visitors and those seeking new pastures to live and work in. The city has something of a reputation as a “chav” infested city but the atmosphere is pleasant and it’s very pretty. There are few places to really avoid if you decide to live here and the South Welsh coast is exceptionally beautiful. With that in mind we decided to look at where to live in Swansea and what is on offer!

Where to live in Swansea

Swansea is a fairly small city with a population under 200 thousand but there are plenty of beautiful places to live and the city has a lot to offer. For many people the 5 mile long stretch of waterfront which includes the beaches, the Tawe riverside and the waterfront offer some of the most attractive living. Particularly for young professionals and students this is the nicest area of the city to live in – close to the beaches, the surf and the nightlife. For students Brynmill and Uplands remain popular areas as they are close to the university and offer a fairly safe and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of decent pubs and clubs within a stone’s throw. Flats to rent in Swansea are at their nicest in these areas and the prices are reasonable and suitable for most budgets;  with the best options being the pricier waterfront properties.  Overall there are few areas that you will completely want to avoid. The streets around the council estates tend to be a little rougher but they aren’t too bad really. If you really want peace and quiet though we’d recommend living just outside Swansea along the beautiful coast or in the smaller towns further inland. As a small city Swansea is easily accessible and so you won’t end up with a hideous commute and can enjoy some of the beautiful coast or countryside that makes the area so exciting.

What to do in Swansea

Despite being a small city there is a lot to do in the city and plenty of entertainment. In the summer the beachfront is a hive of tourism but the beaches are incredible and the surf is amongst the best in Wales. The nearby Pembrokeshire coast and the beautiful hills and valleys make this a heavenly place to live in the summer. In the winter things quieten down but there is still a lot on offer. The nightlife is superb and in many ways better than Cardiff in terms of quieter pubs and nicer clubs. The waterfront and its environs offer some great restaurants and the shopping is excellent thanks to extensive redevelopments in recent years. Beyond these amenities the city has plenty else to offer with some of Wales oldest museums, fantastic leisure facilities and the beautiful Wales on your doorstep to explore. As a place to live it has a lot more to offer than a casual tourist visit might assume and it remains a great place to live and work.