Moving to Brighton - where to live and what to do!

To people who aren’t familiar with Brighton they tend to think of it as a Victorian seaside town with a beach, pier and not a lot else. However, Brighton is much more than this and is one of the most culturally vibrant and exciting places to live in the UK. While it does have the beach and traditional seaside vibe in places it’s also a vibrant eclectic city and serves as a mecca for alternative culture and thinking. For anyone planning a move to Brighton or just looking into visiting we’ve put together a brief guide to living in Brighton and what’s on offer in this idyllic little city.

Where to live in Brighton

Brighton has some great places to live and it’s a very nice place generally. However, a lot of people prefer to live in neighbouring Hove with its more isolated community and decent access for transport to London et al. However, let’s look at some of Brighton’s best areas. Clifton Hill is probably the nicest area of the city with plenty of pricey flats, houses and the occasional mansion. Property to rent in Brighton is at its finest here but you also have great access to the centre and some of the nicest shops and bars of the city within a stone’s throw so it’s a great place to live. Neighbouring Seven Dials is slightly cheaper with a better diversity of flats on offer. For something cheaper try Poet’s Corner or Brunswick which tend to have a lively atmosphere and attract lots of students but tend to be generally nice! Beyond these areas Port Hall and New Church Road and Kemp Town have a good mixture of property to rent and have a good selection of price options (though Kemp town can be pricey). Wherever you live Brighton has great public transport links and you’re never too far away from some entertainment.

Why live in Brighton?

Brighton really is the most alternative and artistic city in the country in many ways. It’s often touted as the hippest place in the UK and with good reason. It’s a haven for alternative culture from music to activism and is one of the few places the green party regular wins elections across the board! It’s a very green city but with plenty of alternative culture from shopping to nightlife. The community spirit on display everywhere is incredibly attractive and it’s easy to find groups, clubs and entertainment on offer everywhere. This is probably the biggest appeal for many but Brighton also has fantastic schools and fantastic amenities. The shopping is brilliant with dozens of independent shops. There are great cafes, restaurants and frequent festivals and celebrations. The city is also home to the largest gay and lesbian community in the UK which makes it very popular and lively. The nightlife is amazing with lots of small alternative gigs and bars throughout the week. Overall if you want an alternative city culture Brighton is one of the best places in the world!