Over the last few months I have noticed that many people have been asking for Clarisonic Mia reviews on a from I go to often. For this reason I have decided to finally put up a review to help others decide wether the Mia is for them or not.

First up I am going to list the features & benefits that are associated with the skin cleansing brush.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleanse 6x times better than normal cleansing alone
  • Removes make-up with ease
  • Can work for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin
  • International charger making to great for anyone who travels whether for fun or business

The are the main features and benefits that the Clarisonic skin cleansing brush offers to those who use it.

My Results With The Skin Cleansing Brush!

During the first few weeks using the Clarisonic Mia things were not the best. My acne prone skin actually became worse with a few additional acne breakouts, and I had some inflammation and redness. As you can imagine I was freaking out with this as I had just payed over $100+ for the skin cleansing brush.

While I was thinking about stopping the use I went a little longer, and boy was this a great decision. A month into using the brush is when I first noticed some great improvements, and from there as the weeks went and months by my skin got better and better.

By the 5 or 6 month, can't really remember now I had a few people, in different places comment on how much skin looked really healthy and wanted to know what I was using on it.

I have now been using the brush for 9 months. I have replaced the brush head once in that time and the results keep on getting better after a really bad start.

I want to state now though that just because I received these great results from using the Clarisonic Mia it does not mean that you will to, however the above should give you an idea of the kind of results that are possible to achieve.

As far as the side effects go since it is only a cleansing brush there arent any really, however like me you may see some redness and inflammation during the first few weeks. If this carries on further than a few months then I would say you may want to reduce how often you use the brushes see if things improve.

Hope this review has been helpful.