As overwhelming it can be to create a successful defense in Clash of Clans, there are some key things you can implement into your base to tone down the stress.

                The first thing to consider is to have your base parallel. You don’t want all of your gold mines and elixir drills all on one side, thus leaving the other side exposed. Just make it an overall rule when designing your Clash of Clans base.

                The next tip is to space out your storages. Never put all of your storages next to each other. This allows players to horde goblins and run in and take all of it while suffering only a minor loss. If you space them out, then not only does this eliminate the goblin tactic, it also creates difficulty when others attack you. You see, having storages on both sides of you base cause players to do one of two things. 1) Attack from both sides with weaker forces on each side in hopes to get the resources, or 2) Attack from one side in an attempt to “3 star” your base.

                Another ideal factor to think about when constructing you Clash of Clans base is to make sure your mortars are not next to each other, because if they are, another player attacking you can drop 2 lightning spells on them and take them out. This is a problem because as you may already know, defensive buildings that do the most damage and cause the biggest threat are the buildings that cause splash damage.

                Another thing is to not put your town hall in the corner of the map when you’re farming. Put it closer to your base so people attacking don’t get a completely free win. What you can do is put traps around it, so when players attack you to take it out, they will have to use just that many more troops to take it out. The biggest problem with keeping your town hall in the very corner is that people can deploy one archer in the beginning of the round, and then launch a full scale attack on your base, making it very ineffective.

                The last tip to put onto your checklist is to keep your Clan Castle full as much as possible. For the lower leveled players, level up your clan castle as far as possible before upgrading your town hall. Clan Castle troops can cause serious damage to the enemy in a battle, or they can distract them long enough for you defenses to inflict heavy damage.  Some of the best troops to store in you clan castle are wizards, dragons, hog riders, and archers.

                I hope these few tips helped you build your take on the best defense layout. Have fun and clash on!