In the game Clash of Clans your design, progress, and base matters because when you are going about your life other players are deciding whether or not to attack your base. The game is never-ending.

Here are three tips for getting the competitive edge as well as claiming more trophies and protecting the ones you have:

3. Defend

Defenses will fend off would-be attackers, walls slow them down and allow defenses more time to fire, and with clan castles you can request troops from your fellow clan members to defend your base when it is attacked. Clash of Clans: 3 Tips for Trophy DominanceCredit: Clash of Clans

Build up your base’s defenses to ward off any enemy that chooses to attack. This entails upgrading defenses, walls, and clan castles.

Find inspiration and ideas from others. When you are searching through bases to attack, take note of their design and what is placed where and any pattern amongst the bases you see.

There are tons of players who have spent lots of time and energy into this game and they know a thing or two.

2. Strategic Compromise

One method for minimizing the frequency and blow of attacks is to strategically compromise the town hall. By placing your town hall outside of walls and defenses, you are sacrificing a few trophies in the hopes of saving the majority.Clash of Clans: 3 Tips for Trophy DominanceCredit: Clash of Clans

With incentivizing any would-be attacker to your base, welcoming them in a way, you are minimizing the windows of attack for those who can inflict more damage, earn more stars, and take more trophies. An attacker gains a few easy trophies, you lose them, but you gain a shield and this means hours of resource production and protected base.

1. Change the Situation

Clash of Clans: 3 Tips for Trophy DominanceCredit: Clash of Clans

If things have leveled out and you aren’t moving forward at the speed you would like, change your situation.

When I reached a plateau in the game – I didn’t have the resources for upgrades, I was losing as many trophies as I was gaining, etc. – I deliberately lost hundreds of trophies. I would begin battles with a single troop then as soon as it began I would surrender. Doing this placed me in a much lower league.

Clash of Clans: 3 Tips for Trophy DominanceCredit: Clash of Clans

Now my peers are, on average, much less equipped and at a different level in the game as I am, or was. Now I can focus on the upgrades and improvements I have wanted to make on my base, but was unable to due to being in a league with players much more advanced and with much more powerful troops. Soon I will have advanced and stronger troops, higher leveled walls, and ruthless defenses – all the better for reclaiming trophies.

From experience and observation, I’d venture to say that about 90% of bases are designed with the town hall centered with defenses and resource structures guarding against would-be attackers. The other 10% of bases have their town hall outside walls and structures, with

Clash of Clans: 3 Tips for Trophy DominanceCredit: Clash of Clans

 minimal, if any, defenses guarding. Sometimes being altogether void of defenses.

Why does this matter?

Because destroying a town hall yields a star, which brings with it: trophies, win bonuses, and level points. Advancing in Clash of Clans is excruciatingly slow and practically impossible without attacking.