In Clash of Clans, there are essentially two benchmarks that make an attack successful: resources and stars. Stars are earned by destroying the town hall, destroying 50% of the base, and at 100% destruction. With at least one star earned in an attack, you get trophies and the win bonus. However, if getting a star is unattainable with an enemy's base, but the resources (gold, elixir, and dark elixir) are easily in reach, the defeat and loss of trophies is a worthwhile tradeoff. This decision impacts and depends on your overarching strategy for the game.

Here are five strategies for the attack:

Barbarians & ArchersClash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrb

One of the tried and true strategies within Clash of Clans, barbarians and archers are a bare bones combination. They are the first and second troops to be unlocked and are the fastest to train. This strategy is one of the best for rolling attacks. Attacking base after base without much wait time in between. This attack formation is best optimized with a flying troop.

  • Clash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrbA few flying troops secures this strategy. For me, I like to spawn a handful of minions. They are the first troop to be unlocked with the building of a Dark Barracks. With flying troops, this attack strategy becomes more dynamic. If there are a cluster of ground defenses, you have a troop out of their reach for which to attack them. 

Goblins: Smash-N-GrabClash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrb

Goblins seek resources to attack. This makes them great for farming and quick fixes to needing gold or elixir. Goblins are the farmers insurance in Clash of Clans. Also, there is no way of ever communicating with the owner of the base you just demolished or mercilessly farmed, so you will never be bothered by any of those complaints.

Defenses First, Everything Else Second

Clash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrb

The giants and hog rider sorts are the ones center stage in this strategy. They seek to attack the enemy’s defenses first. After all the defenses get taken out, they then begin attacking everything else indiscriminately.

Clash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrb


Nothing, but dragons. This strategy is more of a blitz-type strategy. Creating the dragons takes more time than any of the other troops, but they deliver some blunt power. Combined with a rage spell or two and watch as the base turns into ash.

All out War

Inspired by the everything bagel, this strategy takes the best feature of each troop and has them build upon each other, attacking from the ground and sky. This strategy depends on your Barracks levels (which troops you can spawn) and Camp levels (how many troops you can have). 


  • Use Lightning Spells to take out the defenses that will wreak the most damage on your army. For example, if you are going in with barbarians and archers, both are ground forces, which makes mortar one of the most lethal to this infantry composite, so drop the bottle upon them before you set about attacking. Clash of Clans: 5 Attack StrategiesCredit: harrb
  • Rage Spells significantly amplify attack power. Within this spell circle, your forces will hit harder and move faster. 
  • You are given thirty seconds to scout an enemy base before you get locked into an attack. Once the attack has begun, trophies are on the line. When scouting the base and strategizing a method of attack, assume the paths of attack you are predicting and hypothesizing are laced with hidden defenses. Assess the possible bombs, tesla towers, and skeleton troops toll on your army and what it would require to overcome and push forward. 
  • A great added dynamic for any ground troop attack strategy is the jump spell, which are unlocked with a level four Spell Factory. Take away the challenge and obstacle of walls with this helpful spell.