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The Ultimate Clan War Strategy

My game name is Wicked and I am the leader of a clan called X-Loyal in the highly addictive app game Clash of Clans developed by Supercell. Due to our success in Clan Wars I have decided to write a how-to guide to assist other clans to be highly successful in their own wars as well. The guide is in 4 phases with 7 steps that are simple and easy to follow.

Phase 1: Organization before Preparation Day
Phase 2: Preparation Day
Phase 3: X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy, Battle Day
Phase 4: Assessment, Post War

X-Loyal Clan War ResultsCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming

Phase 1: Organization before Preparation Day

Step #1 - Find Out Who Is Going To Be Active

This is actually the most important step for success in Clan Wars. As a Leader, Co-Leader or Elder you should have a good idea of who is who in your clan. Knowing your members will help you determine who is inactive and who is going to be away for the Clan War.

 Have a system where your members have to notify any of the leaders about being away prior to the war. Since preparation day for us is on every Saturday, I usually send out a clan mail mid week and the day before, with something along the lines of “let us know if you will be away for clan wars this weekend”. This will show up with a push notification on each member's gaming device that they have mail in their inbox.

 Step #2 - Do A Clean Up

Inactive players don’t do your clan any good, yes they make your clan look bigger but bigger does not always mean better. I would rather have a clan of 30 members with tons of donations than 50 members with 20 members with no badge (which shows inactivity) and 0 donations. You as a leader have to learn to let go and find better and more active players to take their spot.

 Before I hit the Start War button I ask all my co-leaders and elders if they have concerns of someone being too inactive during the week or anyone saying they would be away for the war.

Once I get a list of names of players being away or inactive I start to kick them out.

Here is the kick message I type when I kick active players that are just going to be away for short period: 

Away Clan War Kick MessageCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming









And then the kick message for inactive players only: 

Inactive Clan War Kick messageCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming










You may find this step harsh but in fact it really is not. You want to go into battle with players that will use their two attacks and not just be another base for the enemy to obtain stars from. It may pay to word up your members before the kicking starts to stamp out confusion. Soon it will become a standard procedure every week and nobody will be concerned.

Once you have done all of the above take one final look at your clan list to check that you haven't missed anyone. If you are confident... click on START WAR!

Clan War Start ButtonCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming

Tip: Don’t accept any new members into the clan on the day you want to start a war. It is too early to tell what that new recruit is like and if they are going to be active or inactive or worse case scenario be a hopper that will leave during the war and become dead weight. To avoid this go to edit and flick through “invite only”, “anyone can join” until you come across the option “closed” then press okay. This will block out any players requesting to join your clan. You are still able to invite players back in while the clan is closed.

Phase 2: Preparation Day

Preparation day lasts for 24 hours.

 Step #3 – Ensure Clan War Clan Castles Receive Correct Donations

 As soon as CoC has found you an opponent there is always a mad rush to donate to everyone's clan castle on the battle map. Settle your members down before preparation day by announcing to everyone that people with the highest level troops are only to donate. You may also explain that donating to clan war clan castles will not give you any experience points like normal everyday donations, this usually refrains people from donating.

 Thanks to a recent update if any member receives the wrong troops they may now delete the troops themselves by clicking on their own castle on the battle map and hitting the minus button on the troops that were wrongly given.

Clan War Donation Negate Button

 What to put in your clan castles is really up to your members as they have to leave a request message on what they want. My clan personally varies member to member between max dragons, max wizards, max witches with max archers or max barbs as top ups. Your member knows their base best so let them choose what they want for war. Except if they want healers, wall breakers and giants as defense then I give you permission to slap them.

 Tip: Remember, clan war castles on the battle map are for defense only and are not the troops you take with you to attack opponents in clan wars, this is what your normal clan castle is for so ensure you request for troops before going in to attack.

 Step #4 – Prepare your War Bases

 Plenty of clans neglect having a good defensive war base. Just remember by having a great defensive base in clan wars will prevent the enemy clan from obtaining maximum stars from you to add to their star total. In the end the clan with the most stars wins right?

 I could go on forever about what makes a good war base with plenty of tips but I feel that deserves it's own separate article. However, here are a few key tips on a good war base to get you started:

  • Town hall is well protected and near the centre not outside the walls.

  • Clan castle is placed somewhere in the middle or close to the middle so it is harder or near to impossible to lure out troops.

  • Gold and elixir storages have 2016 hp consider surrounding your important centre structures with them. It helps slow down enemy troops especially dragons, while they are shooting down your storages, your defenses are shooting them down.

  • Place traps where the enemy is likely to go to in your base. Well placed traps can be the difference between 0 stars to 3 stars that are taken from you.

 There are heaps of war bases to choose from that have been tested and I usually just search Youtube for ideas. I may actually do a video on my own war base down the track. Below is an example of a very successful base in clan wars (War Base: David from X-Loyal).

David War Base X-LoyalCredit: David from X-Loyal

 Just a few hours before the preparation day ends, leaders should be checking each member's base one more time for any last minute improvements.

Supercell's latest update has given players the ability to save their war base. This means you never have to change from your regular base every time for each war. Use the edit war base button in the clan war area to edit your war base.

 Tip: Members should bounce ideas and tips of each other for war bases, sharing the knowledge of what works can benefit the clan immensely.

 Step #5 – Go over your Clan War Strategy with ALL your members

 Every time a new member is recruited it is the job of the elders, co-leaders and leader to make sure they know what the clan strategy is before battle day. After a while it will become second nature to every member and you can focus on other things like attacking!

 I will go over X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy in the next phase as it is more suitable in that section. But having a strategy is essential if you want to constantly win week after week.  

The ideal device to get the most out of Clash of Clans

Phase 3: X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy, Battle Day

Battle Day lasts for 24 hours.

 Step #6 – Employ X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy for a high success of victory!

 The Strategy is simple but effective:

First attack – Attack the same position number on the battle map as yourself.

pickles vs otherCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming

Second attack – Hold second attack until everyone has finished their first attack. Ask Leader or assigned Co-Leaders for a target. At this point the leaders should determine which players can finish 3 starring any already 1 or 2 starred opponents.

 Tweaks – Sometimes if we come across an unfair match up we will hold our top players two attacks as the opponents top bases are too strong to obtain stars from (leaders discretion on how many should hold but should be determined on how hard the bases are up top). We let all our bottom to mid ranked players use up their attacks then the top players clean up for remaining stars, even if they have to 3 star an already 1 or 2 starred base. We find this a better tweak against harder opponents.

Our strategy's aim is to achieve maximum stars for the clan. We always see other clans attack recommended targets but the problem with that is a recommended target could be the same target for a few different players. By having assigned targets from the very beginning it allows players to plan what army they will use against them for maximum success. Also it allows lower levels in your clan to be able to attack an opponent that is fair for their army level and experience.

Remember Battle Day lasts for 24 hours, you do not have to use all your attacks in the first hour. However, I recommend lower levels to use their attacks as soon as possible so the top players can work out where they should get their stars from for their second attack.

Tip: Ensure you have the correct attack troops in your clan castle, your heroes are not sleeping and all your spells are ready prior heading in to attack! I've seen too many players forget this and it can be the difference of winning or losing the battle.

 Tip: It does not make sense for your top players to attack the lower players of the opponent's side for their first attack, let your lower end players do that. As the saying goes, “pick on someone your own size!”.

 Tip: If you are way ahead near the end, let your players with any remaining attacks, attack a top player for more loot bonus. Remember you need a minimum 1 star to receive that opponent's loot bonus, so an opponent with an easy accessible town hall is ideal target to attack.


Phase 4: Post War

Hopefully when you get to this point you have won the war. If you have done all of above you should win 99% of the time. Clan Wars is all about team work, being organised and being disciplined. It is up to the leaders to enforce this, good leaders will can lead any clan to victory.


X-Loyal Clan War ResultsCredit: Patrick Robertson via Wicked Gaming

 Step #7: Post War Clean Up

 For some reason Clan Wars always bring out member's true colours so you can assess their personality and performance during the war. This allows you to determine if they suit your clan's standards and if they mix well with the rest of the members.

 If you have player's that did not use their attacks for no real good reason consider moving them on as this is not a sign of a team player.

 Assess any other players that acted inappropriately or did not listen to leaders or follow the clan strategy, again, not team players and should be moved on.

 Cleaning up unsuitable member's will benefit your clan in the long run. Remember there are million of other player's out there. Learn to let go.

 Hope you enjoyed reading this short guide, if you have any other strategies that your own clan uses, feel free to leave a comment below. Hoping for your success, Clash On!

How to Win a Clan War Guide

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