As a teacher, when you entered into the class room, then before teaching the lesson of the day to the students, you need to manage the students. Student's management mean, teach them in peaceful environment and make discipline. You need to change your strategy on daily basis or weekly basis to enhance the student's attentions towards the study habits.

Teacher is like an actor who gives the variety of characters in front of students. Let me explain you the way to keep the discipline during lesson hours.

Class Management Strategy

1. Make the three discipline groups in your class. As the standard strength of the class is diagnose where 20 to 25 students in each class. You can make the groups vertically in column forms or horizontally in rows forms. It's all up to your own choice. Now recommend the name from the students side, like group 1 as Tigers, group 2 as Lions and group 3 as Leopards.

2. You can also give the freehand to the students to choose their own groups name. Also, explain them "Today we are going to play the discipline game during the class and result would be calculated in the end of the period to announce the winner group of the day".

3. Each group would be gifted 10 marks in the beginning of the lesson, But if somebody disturbs the class than marks would be deducted and will be given to other group to keep the discipline. Like in group 1, Sarah behaves like a disruptive student then, Sarah's group 1 mark would be deducted and would be added to other group. The other group mean, the most discipline group during these hours.

4. Similarly this process will be repeatedly again and again to group 2 and group 3. In the simple form, its head to tail role to deduct and addition of the marks. In the end of the period, teacher will add all the groups marks and will announce the winner group of the day.

5. Teacher can make some board to paste the details of the winner group of the day. But in case of changed behavior from the students' side, teacher can change the group of the day.

Teacher can use this strategy on weekly and monthly basis to control his/her class. It is necessary to always keep the variety, other wise students will bore. Being a teacher you will not able to get the affective results.

In this way, you will come to know that within few seconds, you are able control the class. So, class management is not a big deal for you being a good teacher now.



Class Room Grouping