The economy is in the dumps, money is tight, unemployment is through the roof; time to have a PARTY!

Being a poor college kid the last few years, my friends and I grew tired of the same old bar scene and house party. Honestly, how many jersey parties can you really attend? That's how we came up with 'Scotch & Cigar' night. Here is the how to. 

First thing first, you need to buy decent cigar. From my experience if you want a quality cigar but do not want to go over board you need to spend $8-12. When it comes to cigars you really get what you paid for. You need to be aware of local taxes and the store mark-up as well. Check Cigar International for bulk prices, this will give you a better idea of what you should be paying.

Most cigar shops have a system to tell the costumers the quality and potency of their products. For first time cigar smokers, go with a more mild tobacco or even a flavored cigar, but avoid anything you have seen in a gas station. If you are a regular smoker try the more full flavors, the bolder the cigar the more it brings out the taste of the scotch. Careful, full-body cigars are potent and can make you feel sick if you aren't used to it. 

As I mentioned above, do not buy a cigar from a gas station. The quality of the tobacco is very poor and you really do not get the experience you are looking for. Ask an employee at the cigar shop for recommendations. Give them details about your evening and ask which cigar is going to go best with your scotch or wine or whatever you are drinking. I recommend Grand Habano wrapped in cedar or a Romeo Y Julieta punch.

If you do not have a cigar cutter, be sure to pick one up. For less than $5 you can get a good one that will make your cut much more clean and one leave the end of the cigar flakey. 

Next, it’s time to buy a bottle of scotch. I recommend spending at least $25 on a fifth, which you can get any pretty much any liquor store. You can buy cheaper bottles, but the quality of the scotch is poor and may not compliment the taste of the cigar as well. I prefer a 12 year scotch either Delware's or Tomatin. Both are reasonably priced and go well with a $8-12 cigar. 

Third step, its time to bust out the shirt/ tie combo; ladies grab a cocktail dress its time to party! Now, while you are enjoying your scotch and cigar there are a few things to keep in mind. One if you can use butane lighter rather than normal lighter fluid it’s a plus. If you have a cigar wrapped in cedar or another wrap (not plastic), it is proper etiquette to light the wrapper than light the cigar with it. Cut the end of the cigar that is not open and smoke it from that end. Take a few puffs, hold the smoke in your mouth to get the taste of it then let it out. After a few minutes your mouth will feel tacky, but do not spit or rinse with water. Pour a tumbler of scotch and sip on that. You will be amazed how the burn from the alcohol goes away and the flavor of the scotch comes out. 

The rest is up to you! Have an epic evening!