Classic Christmas Toys for Boys

Classic Christmas Toys for Boys

For children, Christmas is all about the toys and games and the fun and excitement that waiting for Santa Claus brings. No matter what year it is for the trendy toys, some toys are simply classics and most children will love and play with the classic toys for years to come with fond memories long into their adult years.

Here are some of the top classic Christmas toys for boys to consider purchasing for the holidays.

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln logs first became popular Christmas toys for boys in 1916 invented by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's son, John L. Wright. The wooden pieces were used as miniature logs with notches to them allow to be attached to each other in any number of ways to create interesting log cabins, corals, barns, barns, other buildings and towers.

Lincoln logs are a Made in USA product marketed by the Red Square Toy Company of Chicago, Illinois.

In the 1970's parts of Lincoln logs were made using plastic but that didn't last long and the company continues to this day to make Lincoln Logs from 100% real wood.

Lincoln logs are suitable for children ages 3+ and are now marketed by Hasbro.

Lincoln logs can help to teach young boys architecture, design, building as well as hand and eye coordination and patience.

Prices range from $20 and up and are available online from amazon.


Trains are another classic Christmas toys for boys that will be played with for hours and cherished for years to come as heirlooms in many cases.

Invented in 1901 by Joshua Lionel Cowen, the Lionel train is definitely the most notable name in trains. Although many others also developed trains, it is the Lionel train that is the most notable and famous of all others due to the engineering and salesmanship of Joshua Cowen.

In 1999, Lionel trains were named one of the Top Ten Toys of the 20th Century and will continue to be important and revered toys by boys of all ages.

Lionel trains have been loved by young boys, young men and even adult men for years of playing and collecting and creating virtual mini towns.

You can't go wrong purchasing a Lionel Norfolk and Western class train set for a young boy that includes track and miniature pieces.

Trains help to teach young boys about engineering, design, speed, timing and encourage creativity and imagination.

Trains are suitable for ages 5+ and may require parental supervision.

Purchase trains at finer toy stores, target, sears or online with prices ranging from $70 and up.


The first bicycle was invented by the Germans and consisted of wooden wheels without pedals; rather the feet were used to power the vehicle.

Frenchmen later enhanced that first bicycle to include pedals to motor it along with wheels made from wood and metal.

Changes to the bicycle throughout the years has improved immensely and now includes all different types of bikes along with accessories and helmets to personalize them.

A young boy's first bicycle will almost never be forgotten and many boys continue to care meticulous care of that first class Christmas gift.

A bicycle is not only a great classic gift for a boy but, will also help a young boy to gain balance skills, ownership, hand and eye coordination as well as responsibility and cognitive thinking skills and safety. A bicycle will provide a young boy a sense of freedom and adventure as well and every child deserves a bicycle of their own.

Boys bicycles are available from $60 and up on or major toy stores.

Baseball Bat and Baseball Glove

Baseball began in the 1800's with rudimentary hand made sticks and stones used by the British who first started playing a version of the game.

Baseball is played in most countries now and is known as America's Favorite Passtime so much so that it is even played at The Olympics.

In 1845, the first rules of baseball were established by Alexander Cartwright, known as the Father of Baseball and in 1953, Congress credited Cartwright for inventing the game of baseball because of these rules that helped to explain playing the game.

Baseball teaches boys at a young age balance, hand and eye coordination, sportsmanship, strategy, rules and teamwork.

Many young boys quickly learn the game of baseball and have dreams of becoming professional players as they watch their mentors achieve success with the popular game. Although few succeed at becoming highly paid professional baseball players, young children can learn to set goals as well as work ethics and athleticism.

Baseball sets are available in toy stores or online for $25 and up.

American Flexible Flyer Sled

Samuel Allen first invented the sled in Philadelphia, USA over 100 years ago in the 1860's with the Flexible Flyer Sled.

Patented in 1889, the Flexible Flyer Sled has never been duplicated in speed and flexibility of performance by another company.

Although originally created to transport goods and supplies, the sled quickly became a means of entertainment and fun.

Children and parents alike know the famous name of Flexible Flyer as the premium sled and the one to own made of real wood seat, red eagle slats, a wooden steering bar and wooden handle bars as well as the red struts.

Wooden sleds are suitable for young boys ages 6 or older.

Young boys will always remember their first sled and sledding teaches balance and agility, hand and eye coordination, athleticism, common sense and safety.

The flexible flyer sled is available online for $100 and up online, which is a great place to do comparison shopping.

Fire Trucks and Push Pedal Toys

Many young boys are amazed at the full sized fire trucks as well as the uniform and job of a fireman and the opportunity to own their very own bright, shiny red emergency vehicle.

A child's fire truck is made of strong, sturdy steel and features functioning steering wheel, horns, comfortable seat, shiny chrome accents, fenders and accessories such as hoses and a ladder.

Young boys can play for hours on a fire truck and this toy encourages imagination in play, creativity, teamwork and safety. What young boy that owns his own fire truck won't want to be a fireman when he grows up!

Fire trucks can be purchased in toy stores, department stores and online in prices ranging from $60 and up.