Best Christmas Toys Usually Remain Timeless

Classic Christmas Toys for Girls

Classic Christmas Toys for Girls

Toys for children have evolved over the years from the simple handmade items or blocks to the current computer and more advanced technological toys. Still, there are some classic Christmas toys for girls that never seem to go out of style and are timeless as well as potentially become collectible items that children can save for their own children some day. Take a look at some of the best Christmas toys here:


Barbie Doll

Since it's creation in 1959 by Ruth Handler and the Mattel Corporation, the Barbie Doll has enchanted girls of all ages due to her beauty as well as the interactive ability for the child to dream, be creative, change Barbie's outfits, brush her hair and play with all the Barbie accessories.

Barbie was originally created so that young girls could know what it was like to be all grown up. Her impeccable measurements of 36-18-36 made it impossible for young girls to ever look like her but; Barbie's popularity with young girls has never waned in all these years.

Barbie changed over the years to include the Ken doll in 1960, Barbie's sister Skipper introduced in 1964, Barbie gets her first bendable legs in 1965, in 1970 Barbie is fully pose able with bendable and twistable head, arms and legs.

Over the years, Barbie has been transformed through outfits and accessories from an astronaut to a biker chic, a hippy and a teacher as well as a princess and a movie star in The Nutcracker.

Barbie Dolls have become highly collected since Mattel started limiting production to only 35,000 on collectible Limited Edition dolls in the year 2000.

Barbie doll teaches young girls personal hygiene, body image, fashion and design, self esteem, homemaking and how to play with friends and get along with others.

Barbie has become more controversial these days as some are waiting for Barbie to acquire a tool box, work shed or other more traditional male roles to prove to young girls that they can do and be anything they choose.

Barbie dolls are available at toy stores, specialty and boutique stores and online at in price ranges from $10 and up.


Doll House

The history of the doll house goes back as far as the 16th century in Bavaria when homes were replicas in miniature was a measure of not only wealth but also of social standing and good taste rather than as toys.

The Victorian era of the 1920's by Queen Mary saw the beginning of mass production of doll houses since the Queen was a big fan and they began being used as toys for young girls of the wealthy only.

Doll houses for children of all status' became more popular in 1940 when manufacturers began a mass production of it as a toy and a collectible for adults.

Young girls can spend hours decorating their very own dream home complete with furniture and accessories in this popular and classic Christmas toy for girls.

Doll Houses for girls range in prices from $125 and up with additional rooms and accessories also available at or major toy stores.



Bicycles are popular and classic toys not only for boys but for girls as well.

Bicycles have a longstanding history since 1869 and have evolved from wooden wheels to the current one piece steel frames that are easy to handle, ride and are fairly inexpensive.

Bicycles help to teach balance, hand and eye coordination, safety, common sense, reflex action, responsibility and cognitive thinking.

Bicycles are available in all styles, colors and price ranges and can be found in most toy stores, department stores and online.


Easy Bake Oven

The easy bake oven is a classic Christmas gift for girls and has been since the invention in 1963 by Kenner Products (now Hasbro) as America's first working toy oven powered by a light bulb.

Since the original turquoise version of Easy Bake Oven, there have been 11 different models ranging in color and style to coordinate with the different eras.

Easy Bake Oven Gourmet, a cookbook of real, working, gourmet recipes was developed by Chefs specifically for this toy sized child's oven.

Hasbro holds an annual 'Baker of the Year' contest for children ages 8-12 and must incorporate at least one of the easy bake mixes in an original recipe.

Easy Bake Oven has encouraged young children, girls and boys, to obtain an interest in cooking and baking during the formidable years and also teaches math, timing, patience and safety.

Easy Bake Ovens are safer than some years ago and parental guidance should always be observed to keep small hands out of the oven.

Find Easy Bake Ovens, mixes and accessories at toy stores or online for prices ranging from $26 and up at


Etch A Sketch

Etch a Sketch was first created in 1960 by Ohio Art Company and soon became the most popular drawing toy.

The Etch a Sketch uses a stylus along with a left and right knob that allows the artist to create designs of all kinds.

The Etch a Sketch hasn't changed much over the years although there are a few newer versions of it with the Magic Etch a Sketch or Doodle Sketch.

The Etch a Sketch is suitable for ages 4 and up.

Etch a Sketch teaches children art, drawing, strategy, patience, imagination and creativity and self expression and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Find Etch a Sketch at any toy store or online for prices ranging from $14 and up.


These are just some of the Classic Christmas Gifts for Girls that never go out of style. Even though we are currently in a high technology age, many girls will appreciate any of the classic long lasting gifts. These gifts teach hand and eye coordination skills, improve motor skills, enhance creativity and imagination, as well as help girls to role play and explore and develop dreams and goals. When choosing Christmas and other holiday gifts for children consider some of the classic gifts, as well as the new technology items for total mind health and body building of our next generations.