A classic dining room has a formal feel to it but you can still use it everyday. Classic design is timeless; your room will still look as good a few years from now as it does today. You can take your classic dining room in different directions depending on the color of the artwork you bring in and your accessories. This is the perfect style if you like traditional decorating or you just don't want to redecorate in the near future. You'll be able to invest in heirloom furniture pieces that you can have for decades to come.

You might already have a classic dining room, but it just needs a little updating. That's the thing about classic decorating; the lines never go out of style. This means that you can easily update your room with just a little bit of paint. Try spray painting a brass chandelier cream and then top it off with cream lampshades. If you have a wall of mirrors, frame it out so it looks like an oversized mirror hanging on the wall instead of a more dated element. Window treatments get dated every few decades. Silk window treatments are always in style for dining rooms. However, you'll probably want to go with a fuller curtain that has wood rings on the top to bridge the casual and elegant worlds and make your window treatments easier to open and close. Go with a neutral, solid color if you think that you'll have the window treatments for a few years.

You can mix up your classic dining furniture just by changing out the chairs. Parsons chairs are comfortable and traditional at the same time. Plus, you can find slipcovers for them so your room will always be classic. Look for a chair with a slight curve on the top; a straight line will seem more modern. You can pair these chairs with your existing table and buffet but it just gives your room a fresh look. White is a classic color for decorating, your dining room might already be white. The secret to a white dining room is to add in texture and warmth. Accent with metal urns and old leather books. Use molding on the walls and fireplace to add interest.

You can give a modern touch to a classic dining room; it just depends on how you style it. Instead of going with a neutral color like taupe, go for a metallic neutral such as pewter. Look for oversized dining chairs covered in pewter silk that will resemble comfortable living room arm chairs. You'll also need an oversized table. Keep the rug in a classic oriental style. You can paint the walls with a metallic paint or harlequin pattern for a take on traditional wallpaper. Then spray paint an ornate chandelier a modern black color and bring in a piece of oversized modern art. You'll be using all of the same elements of a classic dining room, just in different ways. You'll be able to get a look that is traditional, contemporary, and unique all at the same time. Classic decorating doesn't have to be boring.

Classic oak design furniture lends a more casual air while still being traditional. Queen Anne style cherry wood dining room furniture is traditional for a dining room but also gives a formal air with its subtle curves.

Traditional wall decor for a dining room includes wallpaper. You can mix this up by doing an elaborate stencil on one wall to mimic a cherry tree. Add warmth to the ceiling by painting a coca brown between white beams. This is still a neutral color but will add more intimacy to the room. You can even cover the back of your chairs in a different fabric for a sense of whimsy in the space. Mirrors and sconces are also classic dining room wall decor, especially when hung over a buffet. As far as architectural elements go, consider installing columns for a dramatic entryway into your dining room that will also delineate it from a living room. Keep any fireplace mantels in the room bright white and show off the natural colors of brick.

You should layer accessories to add interest and opulence to a room. You can hang pictures on the wall and then lean more frames up against the pictures. If you can't find traditional artwork that isn't boring then try framing pieces of vintage wallpaper or tear apart a botanical calendar. Your accessories should work with your traditional china pattern and also tell a story at the same time. You might want to bring in bits of drift wood and seashells to show off your love of the ocean. You can place several smaller flower arrangements on a table for a traditional accessory that isn't stuffy. Look for oversized candelabras so your accessories get noticed.

For classic dining room furniture you'll want to stick with a set. The chairs should match the table and be in the same finish. The chairs should also match each other, although it's acceptable to use the same chair with arms for the head and foot of the table. Look for a matching china cabinet or buffet for a place to store and display dishes.

Classic dining rooms rarely have themes. They are just elegant spaces, but may have a touch of French style to them. This allows the space to flow and be somewhat neutral. You'll create a subtle atmosphere so that any food or company you bring into the room will pop. The conversation will be the focal point instead of the decor. Your guests will probably remark on the beauty of the room without being able to pinpoint an exact focal point.

A classic dining room is perfect for everyday meals, learning table manners or having company over. It will work in most styles of homes and for most lifestyles. You can still showcase your personality with the color palette, furniture style, and decorating accessories you choose. The classic style is enduring and will be relatable and liked by most of your guests.