So summer break is upon you and you don’t know how you’re going to make it through weeks of your children home without anything planned to do. You could pay to go on expensive trips or have expensive outings that will definitely engage them, but there are so many other low-cost or free options in your own community and spending lots of money to get through the summer really isn’t necessary.

Consider making a list of classic family movies to rent or borrow from the library and watching one a week. Here is a list of movie suggestions that delighted me as a child, and have continued to captivate children over the years.

An enduring classic, The Wizard of Oz was filmed in 1939 and remains high on the list of great classic movies for the family. Based on the 1900 children's novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and starring Judy Garland, it is the story of a girl named Dorothy who unexpectedly travels to a fantastical land and meets up with three unlikely companions, a scarecrow, a lion and a tin man, all on their own quests. With the message that everything you need is in your own heart, this movie has held up over the years and is still a wonderful movie to watch your your children.

The Swiss Family Robinson is a Disney film made in 1960, the tale of a shipwrecked family building an island home, and all that happens to them on the island. As a child I daydreamed endlessly about a tree house of my own like the one the Robinsons build, and the adventures they had made a great story.

The Parent Trap filmed in 1961 starring Hayley Mills (not the 1998 remake starring Lindsey Lohan) captivated children in a way not many other movies have ever done again. A story about twins sisters separated early in life by divorcing parents and then accidentally discovering each other at sleep-away camp, this movie about their ensuing hijinks in an attempt to reunite their parents was a delight. It will be sure to fascinate your children as well.

Julie Andrews made her film debut in Mary Poppins in 1964, and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her efforts. This musical film about a magical nanny who teaches a British family about what really matters in life is a true delight and is worth watching again with your children no matter how many times you’ve seen it before.

In 1965 Julie Andrews again hit a home run in The Sound of Music, another musical film about a nun who joins an Austrian family to become their governess and becomes a part of their family. Almost every song from this movie is a classic (I can still sing every word of “Do-Re-Mi” for you if you’d like), and parts of the story like the children wearing their new clothes made out of the curtains are scenes that have become a part of American culture. This movie is a must-watch on your summer movie rental list.

Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson (who played the father in Mary Poppins) star in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, a 1971 movie about a three children who are evacuated to rural England during the London Blitz and the adventures they get into with their caretaker, Eglantine Price, a woman who is studying to be a witch. Like the movie Mary Poppins, this movie is a combination of live action and animation and is sure to delight your children.

Without fail, watching these movies will give you an opportunity to watch your children fall in love with these characters, and to see their imaginations run wild as these stories captivate them and fuel their creative processes. By borrowing from the library or renting from your local movie rental store, you are sure to stay under budget while at the same time creating priceless memories for your children.