There are a great deal of nostalgic Fisher Price toys from the seventies. At the time they had the market cornered on toddler and baby play-things. Here are some of the most popular vintage Fisher Price toys from the seventies.

The Little People

Fisher Price initially released the Little People in the 1950's. By the 1960's the company had developed the Little People into family units and given them homes. It wasn't until the 1970's that the Little People line really took off. Play sets began to address all facets of living including work, home, travel and commerce.

The Talk Back Chatter Phone


Fisher Price actually introduced this toy in the 60's but it was most widely produced in the 70's. This was a pull toy that featured a rotary dial that rings when you use it. As the unit is being pulled the eyes roll up and down and it makes a clicking sound. The base of these phones was initially made of wood and the top was plastic. This toy (like many vintage Fisher Price toys) has developed a pop-culture status to the point where there have been keychain replica's made.

The Corn Popper

Corn Popper

The Fisher Price Corn Popper was a push toy with a wooden pole and handle. At the base was a small clear dome with small balls of varying color and size. Upon pushing the unit, a small plastic base within the dome would pop up and down, making all of the little balls bounce around. There have been more modern versions of the Corn Popper made but the original had a wooden pole and wood components in the base. Like the Chatter Phone, the Corn Popper was originally introduced prior to the 70's, but it was during that decade that the most units were produced and the toy was most popular.

The Stove Top

Stove Top

The Fisher Price Stove Top was an all plastic replica of a typical stove top. It featured a working bell, moveable knobs and two cooking surfaces. These two burners had red plastic inserts that would rise when the knobs were turned, giving the appearance that the burners were heating up. This Stove Top set was often sold with kitchen accessories: cups, bowls, plates, dinnerware, small pitchers, etc. Like most antique Fisher Price toys, more modern versions have since been produced that feature more advanced moveable parts.


These are truly unforgettable toys that could be found in nearly every nursery throughout the seventies. Even today, it is not common for these toys to be thrown away. These classic Fisher Price toys from the seventies are either passed down or sold to find new homes.