1811 United States Classic Head Large Cent

Classic head United States large cents are a widely collected United States series of coins. Made from solid copper and boasting an unusually large size, the copper cents from these dates are very well loved by numismatists and investors. They are an extremely rare commodity that allows for a great deal of appreciation.

Minted for a short time, from 1808 through 1814, they were a short run to start with. Add to that the limited numbers that were struck, as well as the fact that the planchets used to strike the coins were made from very soft copper and tended to wear out pretty fast, and what you have is a hard to get coin.

The two dates, 1809 and 1813, are the difficult years to obtain. If you're going to attempt to assemble a set of these coins it is recommended to get these two coins first. That way the rest of the set is easier to complete. Also knowing what we'll have to pay for the two most expensive coins will help to budget for the rest.

Coins that run as high priced as this series should always be authenticated and encapsulated for future preservation. A small ding or dent in the soft copper will greatly diminish the value of the coin. Taking this extra step will assure the item will remain in the condition it holds when graded.

This action also helps to assure the best price possible will be obtained if we decide to sell. Collectors have a lot more respect for a coin that has been graded.

If you collect raw United States large cents or uncertified coins, make sure to purchase a good collector book that will have plastic slides that cover the collection. This keeps the air off the coins and helps prevent oxidation from humidity. Books to hold any size coin are available on line through eBay or any numismatic website. Local coin dealers will also have these supplies.

Make sure to take the time to research the coins you purchase. This will avoid over paying for an item. Know what the grade is and what that coin demands in that grade. Shop around as deals can be found with a little effort.

Try to always color match your coins as this will increase the value of the set. Grade should be considered when buying those two expensive years. Get as high a grade as you'll be able to afford for these two and then match the grade for the lesser priced ones. This will make the price of later acquisitions less and less.

Completing a set of United States classic head cents is no easy task. It will take a lot of research if you don't want to over pay. Shop around and get the best price out there for the grade you need. Watch auctions on eBay so you'll know what you should be paying.

Final words on this subject would have to be make sure you enjoy your collecting activities. Coin collecting is a very rewarding hobby. It can also be a very rewarding way to invest. Remember the key to being successful in either venture will be the amount of time and effort you put into research.