When you hear the word ‘meatball’ it may be second nature to conjure an image of spaghetti and marinara sauce.  This of course, would be the traditional and unforgettable flavors of an Italian spaghetti and meatballs recipe.  It is seldom thought of however, that meatballs are in fact a global sensation, prepared in many different ways in diverse countries across the world!  This delightful culinary staple is incredibly popular due to simple and inexpensive ingredients, fast preparation times and adaptability. 

Most meatball recipes are based off the simple components of ground meat and various seasonings such as onion, garlic, cumin and mint.  These tasty morsels can be small or large, baked, fried or boiled and even grilled!  Despite your preparation method, meatballs almost always turn out savory and delicious and despite your regional preference, we can all agree that a little experimentation does the soul good!  Check out our inspired, yet easy meatball recipes and give one a try tonight!

Saucy Swedish Meatballs

 Flavor doesn’t get any more innovative then this!  We have taken a simple meatball recipe and turned it on its head with unexpected, but complementary flavors!  To start, ground beef is subtly flavored with salt and pepper and then formed into meatballs with breadcrumbs and egg which acts as the binding agent.  While these delicious meatballs are being browned on the stove top, a packet of gravy sauce and water are added to the pan and allowed to simmer.  To this, a sweet and tart cranberry sauce is stirred in.  After allowing the meatballs and gravy to simmer for a few minutes, this deliciously simple meatball recipe is removed from heat and ready to serve!  Try making these succulent sweet/savory meatballs for an unforgettable first course or appetizer! 

 Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Meatball and Fideos Soup

 Though soup may not instantly spring to mind when considering meatball recipes, this is actually a classic combination which is cherished around the world.  For example, Italy is renowned for its light and traditional Wedding Soup and Mexico deservingly prides itself in their delicious Albondigas Stew.  Here, we have taken these stunning examples and composed an easy meatball recipe which is just as tasty and amazingly simple to prepare!  The star of our soup are meatballs flavored boldly with oregano, cumin and beef bouillon.  The accompanying broth is a flavorsome blend of tomatoes and a bit more bouillon, which enhances the savory taste of this dish.  For a comforting and familiar element we’ve also added vermicelli noodles.  The next time you are feeling under the weather try substituting the usual chicken noodle soup for this inspired recipe instead!           

 Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

No matter the occasion, the flexibility of meatball recipes makes them an easy choice.    As demonstrated, the seasonings and cooking methods are plentiful.  This ensures that you can keep the dreaded dinnertime monotony away by continuously switching up your preparation style!  Try mixing up your proteins by using ground chicken or pork instead of beef.  It is a subtle but discernable change which will help you customize these simple meatball recipes.  If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, give our Meatball and Fideos Soup recipe a complete makeover by forming fish meatballs and switching the bouillon flavor from beef to seafood.  Finish this aromatic soup with a sprinkling of chopped dill.  It’s a drastic but rewarding change of pace which will delight any seafood enthusiast!