In the last few years there has been more of a variety of animal prints in fashion, one of the most noticeable and trendy among these are zebra print shoes which includes shoes for both the fall and winter. This print started to grow in popularity by Autumn of 2008 when other prints started to grow in popularity. These other prints include animals such as the spotted cow and even the tiger. There has also been a different trend in animal prints more recently in that the traditional cheetah, leopard or snow tiger has lost popularity and the vegetarian animals such as the giraffe, cow, or zebra has grown in popularity.

Since the print zebra shoe is growing in popularity, it is much easier to come across a zebra design on a shoe than it was a few years ago. The Jessica Simpson product line now includes a variation of zebra striped shoes. The shoes through this brand are exclusively fall shoes as this print is available for the Dafa and Brenda style shoe.

But the market today is also filled with plenty of winter wear. It is easy to find many different styles and types of zebra printed boots. Some well know and extra trendy boots with this print include the Apple Bottoms Roar Animal Print Boots. These boots have a rubberized exterior that is zebra stylized and also have a built in leg warmer. These boots are sure to be stylish, but because of sturdy souls and leg warmers are also built to keep your toes nice and warm in the winter. Another boot in fashion is the Nature Breeze Rain-02 boot. This boot is not necessarily made for the winter because it is not very thick but it is water resistant; but one thing this boot does do well is fashion. This print is well represented and it doesn't take up space with anything but the zebra stripes. A beautiful boot that goes along with the rustic cowgirl look, but also shows off a zebra pattern, is the Justin woman's zebra print boot. With the cowgirl style this boot also mixes in a sense of gypsy fashion with an ostrich print leather by the toe and along the bottom of the boot. This boot also shows that zebra print doesn't have to be black and white to look nice.

But don't let the winter boots overwhelm you, there are also a large plethora of fall shoes still out there waiting for you! Take the zebra print wedge shoe for example. One of the hot wedge shoes on the market today is the super-sexy Luichiny Rizz Oh that was introduced earlier this year. The style of this shoe is swift and sexy yet the zebra pattern balances it out by making it look modern and chill. The structure of the shoe makes it look almost aerodynamic but comfort is still there since the foot isn't forced to take that same shape.

Next in line for the fall are the zebra print tennis shoes! These shoes are designed for comfort and shouldn't make you worry about taking them on a few errands. A fun and quirky shoe out on the market is through the converse Chuck Taylor All Star brand. Overall the zebra print on these shoes is fairly dark having a brown instead of white background which contrasts nicely with the while rubber edge by the sole- and also you wont have to worry about getting them dirty! These shoes scream a walk in the park or city, or even having some spring fun at the local festival. Another trendy tennis shoe that is available with animal prints such as the zebra is the Shiekh Melrose shoe, a shoe with a techno-punk style that also boasts comfort and pulls off its zebra stripes well.