If you want to be noticed this summer, think about showing off your feet in zebra print shoes. Wearing animal patterns has been going on for centuries, when cave hunter first wore the skins of animals they killed. As years progressed, those women in high society who wanted to show off their wealth and status wore a coat or stole of animal fur. Of course you do not have to take it to that level. No animal has to die for you to sport your zebra print shoe.

For some time, though, wearing animal prints was definitely out of style. The only way to wear an animal print, in the past, was for an animal to die. With advancement in fabric, plastics and clothing technology, it is now possible to duplicate animal prints where, from a distance, it would be hard to tell a real pattern apart from a manufactured pattern. Now animal prints are a timeless fashion statement and there is no reason why you shouldn't be part of it.

No matter where you live, no matter what time of year, zebra print footwear is always in style. If you have warm weather approaching, get ready to slip into your feet into your zebra print sandals. Match them up with a pair of black or white shorts or pants. Wearing black or white will really call attention to your sandals and, after all, isn't that what this is all about? Be careful not to get too carried away, though. A simple top goes best with this type of outfit as you do not want to draw attention away from your sandals. That would certainly defeat your purpose of showing off your black and white sandals.

Are you heading for the beach? What color is your bathing suit? If you have a black or white suit, or a black or white cover up, don't hesitate to wear some zebra print flip flops. Just imagine the eye catching image you will be on the beach. Take it a step further and add some black and white earrings. You will be making a great fashion statement.

Whatever you do when wearing zebra prints is to be sure that you keep things simple. The simple look will be more eye catching. There is no reason to spend money on additional accessories when simplicity works best. And a definite don't is not to wear any other type of animal print when wearing zebra.

Do not forget to get a pedicure before stepping out into your sandals. Choose a bright and bold color as another way to catch people's attention. For a fabulous look, think about a deep red polish. Never, ever choose black or white polish when wearing black and white sandals.

Get ready to go shoe shopping. Get ready for warm weather. Get ready for the beach. Get ready to make yourself noticed when you step out in your new footwear. Take a look at what is being shown in zebra patterns and be sure to buy yourself a pair or two.