Leather office chairs

Leather office chairs are attractive and classy. They are seen in large offices and big business ventures and are most commonly used by executives. Even though people who use leather chairs, especially the very high quality types, are presumed to be wealthy, any good office that is concerned about the welfare of its workers can purchase leather office chairs for everyone. This is because apart from adding panache to a room, leather office chairs provide a great deal of comfort for its user who sits for long hours at their work station. Leather office chairs are very relaxing and an effective means to reward an employee. Guests waiting in the reception room will have a sense of gratitude toward the management and staff for providing a comfortable place to wait. They are available in different styles, frameworks and colors to suit the need of every buyer. In some stores, these chairs are referred to as leatherette – a fabrication of leather - but should not be mistaken for genuine leather.

Grades of leather office chairs

Leather office chairs come in different grades and the cost increases as the quality increases. Chairs made from top grain leather are very common and cost from $100 to $400 owing to the fact that chairs made entirely out of the leather material are more expensive than chairs that have only the front sides covered with leather. This should be put into consideration before purchase is made. Glove soft leather chairs have a more lustrous look and softer texture than their counterparts and cost from two hundred dollars and above depending on the type of framework (wood, aluminum), padding, construction (swivel, reclining, and stationary) and design. Soft glove leather is also used to produce jackets and other clothing materials due to its highly favorable water proof texture. Leather office chairs have an advantage of retaining heat and will be adequate for winter seasons and cold regions. However, new designs have been made to include mesh upholstery on the back rest. This allows air to flow in properly and will increase ventilation in summer.

Maintenance of leather office chairs

  • Dust and liquid stains on leather office chairs should be cleaned daily with a dry wipe and soft brush or vacuum cleaner for aniline leather chairs.

  • Use leather cleaners monthly and leather conditioners should be applied twice annually to retain luster and shine.

  • Do not use water and soap solutions for cleaning, only purchase products that are manufactured specifically for leather chairs.

  • Mold on leather chairs can be removed with a mixture containing fifty percent each of alcohol and water. Simply soak up with a clean cloth and wipe the area properly. Do the same for ink stains.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperatures because leather reacts to heat making the surface crack faster.

  • Follow manufacturer's instruction on cleaning if there is any available and use the specified cleaner.

Leather office chairs are impervious to water and can be maintained easily unlike other chairs upholstered with cloth fabrics that need high vacuum cleaning and blow drying to take out dirt and moisture.