Having clean barbecue islands and barbecue equipments is the first step to enjoying the perfect Barbecue Islandsbarbecue. Whether it's the regular weekend barbecue with the family or a special occasion, you wouldn't want your meals to be seasoned with gunk from the previous barbecue's meats. A lot of people tend to neglect on keeping their BBQ grill's grates clean even though they would never miss out on cleaning their kitchen tools. Just like any home equipment, barbecue islands require the same of amount love and care.

Some of us prefer cleaning our barbecue islands equipments before grilling, and this is a good idea, however, it is important to clean the barbecue islands after every use. That's right, though this may seem to consume a little more time, it's definitely worth it because you actually get to save more time rather than waiting to clean them before using. If you let the dirt and grime caused by the previous barbecue sit for days, it will only be much tougher to get off. If you have an outdoor sink, then it will be much easier for you too because you don't have to go inside and out the house just to wash your barbecue equipments.

First, what you need to do is let the barbecue grates cool down so they will be just warm enough to touch and be taken out of the barbecue islands. It is much easier to get the gunk off while your barbecue grates are still a bit warm, but it isn't a bad idea either to let it cool under the faucet of your outdoor sink while cleaning. It will be best to wipe the barbecue islands clean with a soft cloth, and scrape the gunk off your barbecue grates with either a wire brush or steel wool in your outdoor sink. In case your barbecue islands uses a cast iron grate, then you may want to pour a little oil olive on your barbecue grates to prevent rusting.

Some barbecue islands have a clean setting. You may use this after you have cleaned the grates in your outdoor sink. This setting helps by heating up the grill, burning any remnants in the process. If your barbecue islands have a charcoal grill installed, then cleaning would be much simpler. After you clean the metal grates in your outdoor sink, all that's left to do is cleaning the ash catcher. It is very important that you make sure that all your other barbecue equipments are cleaned thoroughly in your outdoor sink if you don't want to experience bad-tasting barbecues the next time you grill.

Remember to take out the actual grill parts from your barbecue islands periodically and give them a nice, total cleaning in your outdoor sink. If your bbq island has a gas grill, then don't forget to disconnect the gas prior to taking out your grill parts. You may minimize the accumulation of gunk on your grill each time before you start grilling by greasing the grate well. This way, food will not easily stick to the grates so you have less dirt and grime to deal with when you wash it in your outdoor sink.